Monday, 7 May 2012

Carnation - Flower Tutorial

I have been playing with some of my new Spellbinders dies, this time an older one designed by Donna Salazar Designs called Carnation Creations... it's cute!    And I have created a flower that looks somewhat like a real carnation, with a tutorial to go with it!

To create this one you will need to cut the following - 3 each of 5 sizes, not using the smallest 2 or the leaves.

Layer together Layers A, B and C like shown {put layers D and E aside for later}, fasten with a plain brad.  Make sure your petals offset one another.  Spritz the layers with water, just enough to make the paper pliable.
 Next bring a layer up at a time and squish into a bud shape...

Continue until all layers are up and the bud resembles this...

Press the 'bud' into some Jasmine Mix'd Media Inx, then spritz with water to allow the ink to blend and run.

Open the petals up again, very gently, allowing them to open where they wish and then allow it to dry.  If you use a heat gun keep it moving or you will risk burning the petals.   This forms the centre of your Carnation.

 Next we ink the edges of the remaining flat petals...

and then we add some ruffled edges using Natasha's fabulous double 'pinch and twist' technique which can be found HERE in her Simple Elegance Flower Tutorial.

Do this on all the remaining flat petals, then glue the layers together, offsetting the petals on each layer...

And the final step is to glue the center bud to the outer flower like so...

I use an 'awl' to hold the two together until the glue takes.  I recommend using a fast grab tacky PVA for this.

And it's finished, ready to use on your project!

Thanks for visiting, take care and be true to you!
Mis xo


  1. where did you buy the spellbinders from ? Very pretty love it thanks for sharing ..Karen H

  2. Wow thanks for sharing this technique, I'm sure a lot of people will attempt to make these flowers.

  3. WOW..I think I have this old die set! Might just dig it have created one amazing looking flower! Thank you for sharing. Oh and just wanted to say love your sketches :)))

  4. A beautiful flower, and I love your layouts and sketches too!!