Friday, 11 May 2012

Pink Tiara - Flower Tutorial

Hi everyone... today I have a 'not so boofy' flower to share with you!  I was inspired by a 'Camellia' flower from Green Tara and thought I could re-create it by hand just for the fun of it, and ended up with something very different and not Camellia looking LOL!  Natasha decided we should call it Pink Tiara... {don't tell her but I think maybe she was a bit sleep deprived and delirious at the time!}

This flower uses Donna Salazar's Grand Peony Creations Die Set and one from the Carnations Die Set from Spellbinders.

You will need:
Spellbinders Grand Peony Creations Die
Spellbinders Carnation Creations Die
GCD Spring in Bloom 8x8 Paper Pad
Awl, Skewer - something thin to curl paper with
Craft Glue

Cut the following layers, they'll all fit easily out of an 8x8 sheet.

Lightly mist the layers with water, so they are just dampened.

Using an awl, skewer or anything thin enough to roll the petals around, roll each petal into the center.

Do this for each layer...

then dry off with a heat gun.  
The heat not only dries it, but shrinks the paper fibers slightly and helps it hold its shape better.

Apply glue around the center...

and build your layers, using all the peony layers, keeping the Carnation layers aside.

Make sure all the petals are offset against one another.

Grab some stamens {I used 5 and folded them in half} and thread them through the first Carnation layer...

add some glue and thread through the second Carnation layer.

Add some more glue and then thread these through the Peony layers...

unrolling the petals as you go.

 And you're done! Trim the stamens at the back and secure with tape.

The aqua flower on the right uses the same 'recipe' skipping the wetting part... it creates a softer curl and a more open flower.

If you don't have stamens {I got mine from a craft store}, you could knot the ends of some thick embroidery thread or twine, or use a decorative brad through the center.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

For more amazing flower tutorials, pop on over the Donna Salazar's Blog, the whole team have been in a flower creating frenzy, with tutorials to share!  


  1. stunning!! where do you get the time to do these beautiful pieces?!! LOL