Wednesday, 28 December 2005

New Blog

OK... time for a new blog, mainly because I liked the big pics in Kim's blog and msn only gave me iddy ones! So bear with me while I change things around, make mistakes, confuse everyone and generally just do what I normally do!!

Had to add a pic... to see if it works! This is me, my friend Kim took the photo {she's amazing 'cause I don't look that good!!}!!

OK... now to try hyperlink things... LC's Creative - this is where I play, come join me!


  1. welcome to your new blog.. love the green....looking forward to reading all about Mistra and her days. Good to see you found more room for your ever growing styles and blogging life.

    Love ya mate


  2. This looks great Mistra - WTG. I too like the pictures cos it means that you can put a few up (and fairly quickly)!!!