Saturday, 31 December 2005

Kellan - Now & Then...

This is Kellan this morning... his 9th birthday and still asleep, in our bed!! Why he's in our bed I have no idea - but we don't complain, we make the most of these moments while we can now!

This is Kellan.... 9 years ago today! What a boofer cone-head he was! The most memorable day {let alone New Years Eve} of my life!!

Sometimes I wish he was this little again, sometimes I wish he'd just grow up {so I can see who he will be} - but time goes by so quickly that you have to treasure every single moment of every single day you have with them, because there's no going back.

OK... so I'm all mushy. Kellan's birthday does that to me - I guess it's the same for most mum's out there!!

But right now I wish he'd just hurry up and wake-up so I can give him his presents - I'm excited!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLAN!!! and Mistra don't worry about going all mushy when you are chatting about your boy...I do it all the time..even when they are sending me bonkers LOL

    Hope you all liked King Kong too!!


  2. Happy Birthday Kellan :)

    What a great idea with the 2 pics :)