Thursday, 29 December 2005

We went to see...

Narnia!!! Oh my this movie is AWESOME!! I walked out gobsmacked and just couldn't manage finishing talking about one amazing scene before starting on another.
I've not read the Chronicles of Narnia, but for my hubby... this was a dream come true. The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe was his favourite book of childhood. He still can't believe I got through school without reading it!!
Kellan loved it... we both were consoling each other when... oh I won't say in case you've not seen... you simply have to go see! I honestly walked out of this movie wanting to purchase another ticket and see it again, right away!!
We had a lovely day, docs in the morning for a referral - always nice to catch up with our GP, he's the best! Then lunch, some shopping and the movie... good day - I love holidays!
We're off to see King Kong on Saturday - it's Kellan's birthday and his choice of activity for the day. Cheeky devil because earlier I said it was too long and we should wait for DVD, but it's all he wants so that we can do!
Until later... take care!

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  1. HI Mistra :0)

    Glad to hear that Narnia was awesome!!! we have promised to take the kids this week. You will totally LOVE King Kong. We saw it last saturday and it was positively went for three hours but honestly didn't seem like it LOL BUT make sure that your kiddies know that he dies in the end because Jordan didn't and he was crying his little heart out at the end :0(