Sunday, 21 May 2006

Nothing exciting...

Nope... nothing exciting happening here!
Had Scrappi Dais yesterday... was great fun as always when in the company of good friends! Got some CJ's from Kim to work on... so at least I have things to do. Finished my layouts for LC's in the nick of time, finally all came together and I quite like them... although I do struggle with Urban Lily. A friend said I should try for the Urban Lily design team... ummm no thanks, couldn't think of a worse nightmare for me!! Don't get me wrong... I LOVE the look of the papers, they are so cool and funky and the new ranges have butterflies on them!! I have heaps myself with more coming... they just don't agree with me!! I guess practice makes perfect and I will keep trying to get over my stupid Urban Lily phobia!! What's even stupider is once I get going with them and finish the layouts - I love the layouts!! Anyways... unvieling is at LC's at the beginning of the month as the norm, if you want to see what I and the rest of the Angels have done with them!!
Anyway... show and tell time! Here are the Layouts I did yesterday. I only managed to finish the Seaside one at Scrappi Dais... and finished the rest at home. Always get way motivated after scrapping with the girls!!

I was supposed to go to mum's for dinner as it was my sister's b'day yesterday. But was so pooped that I cancelled... will go and hang with her this afternoon, take Kel and he can run amok with her kids.

Darren and I had some vouchers to spend from our birthdays so I sent Darren and Kellan off to have some fun yesterday... let Kellan have my voucher as he has missed out on a lot of things while money has been tight. He was so excited! He came home with these "Thumb War" things. They look like alien things that slip over your thumb, wrap around your wrist and have removable armour on them as well as sound! The object of the game is like thumb wrestling... but instead of pinning your opponents thumb down with your own, you have to knock off your opponents armour. Kel and I played a few games yesterday and we were in fits of giggles - was quite fun!!

Sooo... that's about it for me. As I said, nothing exciting, but life is happy and that's what matters!


  1. Mistra....your layouts are looking amazing!! can't wait to see your 'urbanlilly' layouts....[and being on the UL DT would be my]

  2. LO's look great Mistra as always - love that seaside one.....excellent sewing there!!
    Glad that times are getting happy for you.

  3. love the layouts Mistra.. I love the colours on the one you have done of Darren.. they are awesome..

    thanks for sharing

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  5. As always I love your work Mistra. Can't wait to see your Urban Liliy LO's for LC's. Great to hear you sounding so content, life just seems to be cruizing along nicely for you.