Saturday, 27 May 2006

My house is messy...

who wants to come and clean it for me... someone... anyone... please... I'll love you forever... awwwww come-on guys.... pretty please with sugar and some Fancy Pants flowers on top...

Fine... I'll con the hubby to do it... hehehe!!!

Sooo... it's the weekend and guess what? I'm going on strike. Darren has a mate coming over tonight and I am NOT cleaning that kitchen or mopping the floor... na ah... his turn {unless some-one REALLY wants a jar of the NEW Fancy Pants Flowers!!!} I'll do the washing because that involves a nice sunny room with a dryer and it's warm... and sometimes I like to fold clothes... but stuff the dishes!!

I'm not really that slack... I've been tidying up after work through the week, so the lounge room is tidy... the laundry not so bad... floor is swept. But the kitchen is a disaster and I didn't make it that way... so's I on Kitchen Strike!! Hehehehe!!

OK... these are all the yummies I got lately from Lynn!! Are they not delicious...!! Now to find some photos to use them all on!

Do you like the brushes...? I got them from encre - gorgeous free brushes for photoshop 7... I use PSE4 and they work there as well! I really love these ones and find I'm using them here there and everywhere! They match GREAT with the new Urban Lily Papers... especially the Junk Gypsy from the Gypsy Range. And I worked out how to colour them as well... sometimes I am sooo blonde, simple as changing the background colours... like duh!!

Alrighty... I'm off to do the dishes now... I can see them from here and they are annoying the crap out of me... strike didn't last long did it!!


  1. oh i believe that parcel is meant for me and not you.. what is it doing at your house.. I don't know.. I do all your house for all your supplies.. haha.. but then again I aint that desperate.. I can barely clean my own let alone someone elses..

    now to go get those brushes.. coolies

  2. You should have put up that photo at the beginning of your post Mistra. It would have given you more leverage asking for a cleaner. You never know what a girl will do for scrapping goodies.