Monday, 8 May 2006

Been so long...

between posts... sorry! Been busy doing nothing... then been busy!!
Not much happened last week, we had a burgulary {they only got $10}, I had a car accident {all is ok} and the LC's Cyber Crop was on again. Guess that it actually quite an eventful week after all!!
Burgulars must have been disturbed as they only got the $10 that was in my purse. We consider ourselves very lucky, but I was FURIOUS that strangers dare enter our house while we were in it sleeping! Manners please people...
I got upended by a LandRover and have a big dent in the bumper. Poor guy though - there was no way he would have been able to stop as the idiot in front of me was the one who stopped on a dime... the usual story. I have hurt a muscle in my left shoulder... thought it was ok but have to admit it's not. But not worth compo or any crap like that... just an unhappy muscle that needs a rest!
LC's Cyber Crop... like wow what a weekend. We set records all over the place... page views through the roof, posts higher than before, more people online in the forums than before, challenges gallery overflowing and lots of groans at the challenges I set! I'm so evil!! Lisa did a Online Crop and I borrowed some of those ideas... changed them to make them nastier {and different, didn't want to be rude and do a blatant copy}. Everyone did love them. My colour challenge was not so easy... oh yes it sounded easy but I struggled!! So as usual, I am pooped but had the best time hanging with all the LC's girls! We have such a great bunch of members... I really do love this site!!

The challenges were:

1. One on One - Everyone had to create a layout using one each of all the items I listed. The girls had me run of my feet with this one... they are way too good at thinking outside the square and were hunting for loopholes here, there and everywhere!!

2. 60:30:10 - Blue, Aqua and Yellow. Arrrrrghhhh... don't need to say more. My LO is really sad for this one!

3. Bit by Bit - A progressive challenge where no-one knew what was next! This got many groans and I think Vicki was hyperventilating! However this was such fun... we'll be doing one again for sure! I started with no pre-concieved ideas so I could join in the fun and you can see where I went wrong! The bright red cardstock was not a good choice!!


  1. those LO's look fantastic Mistra - sorry to hear about the car accident, not good - rest that shoulder as it wont get better without it.....
    chat soon

  2. love the layouts Mistra..glad to have given you some good ideas there with the crop tasks.

    Have that arm checked it could turn into something alot worse then you be up shit creek.. Take it easy.

    Take care mate.

  3. I agree with Kim & lisa get the shoulder/arm looked at, can't do you any harm !!

    Great layouts and a fantastic weekend at LC's well done you should be proud!

  4. HOws the shoulder/arm going Mistra??? I hope its not giving you hell still. Don't tell me you didnt go to the doc's girl! I hope your all better!!

    Sounds like a fun crop at LC's! Great work you did... although I dont know if I could work blue, aqua and yellow together...LOL Anything scrapping is a struggle for me at the moment!