Sunday, 25 March 2007

What a weekend!!

I've had the best weekend... have been scrapping like a wild thing, fuelled by Chelle and her DT's challenges. These girls know how to run a Cyber Crop!!

We've also done shopping, the usual household chores, had a few wines, friends over, watched a few DVD's.. all this in one little weekend... I'm exhausted, but happily so!! It has truly been a wonderful weekend.

Darren is now officially a house hubby, I know we'll have some adjustments, some teething problems as he learns the ropes... but things will run smooth in a week I think!

Anyway... here is what I've created this weekend:

Based on a PageMaps sketch {loving these circle pages}... this was for a curve challenge, although not too many curves, swirls or curls happening!! This is my mum.

Lisa's progressive challenge.. oh what fun to be the tellee instead of the teller on this... had a ball and created this one... double stamp image and all {I dropped the stamp!!}

This is a monthly challenge I did of Jill's... been dying to do it all month and since I was hyped from my scrapfest finished it tonight in 30 minutes!!

Oh this one I did at work on Friday, Lisa challenged me to do a LO with only the office supplies at my desk at work... so I cut up the calendar, grabbed a to do list, paper clips and some post-it notes!! {Photos from the calendar were taken by Christian Fletcher}

We were meant to use up our scraps after each LO... so far all I've created is this bookmark!

I so love this one... a 4 or more Photo Challenge. My LO's have been so simple this weekend, but I love them!!

Chelle's Challenge to use 3 flowers, 2 or 4 ribbons, doodling and hand written journalling plus a photo of yourself or yourself with someone who wasn't a kid... biggest challenge here was finding the photo!! {And I cheated on the doodling and used a stamp... I can't doodle to save my life!}

A Sketch Challenge based on using a PageMaps circle page... after doing this I have fallen in love with circles!!

Make 'n' Take... aren't these the cutest! Glad I did these as OTP usually don't get along too well... but I had fun making these!

And this is me being a smart-arse for the song inspiration challenge. It was early and the only song I could think of was Sugar... you kow the one... so I went with my silly idea and had some fun!

And that's it... pretty good for a weekend I think!


  1. it was a great weekend had by all and you certainly did get alot of layouts done.. thanks for joining in.

  2. So glad to read you have had a fun week end, we all need those don't we:)

    Wow you have been in the zone making so many excellent layouts here. Thanks for sharing, I love seeing your creations Mistra.

    I love all the designs, colours, photos and styles. Your so talented.

    Have a great week and keep smiling. From Susan@Scrapboxx

    PS: I would have loved to be able to buy some things from you in your sale but am seriously broke right now. I am not allowed to spend money on anything apart from paying off debts = ggggrrrr sorry!

  3. happy to hear you had some fun!!! the LO's are excellent... See ya at the next one shall we??

    Was a lot of fun, I've still got 2 to do!!!

  4. Hi Mistra,
    Your LO's look absolutely fabulous matey.
    Love them all...even the sugar one :D
    Take care

  5. Hi Mistra
    Just dropping by to see what you are up to. Glade you 're having fun. Love the LO's. Looks like your mojo's back in full swing.
    Take care
    Scrappy Mitch ( Michelle Tondi )

  6. Hi Mistra love all your LO's.espesally sugar very clever.

  7. wowo Mistra, you are still doing such lovely work :)

    Linda Baldock