Saturday, 7 April 2007

Don't you just love...

long weekends!?

Especially Easter Long Weekends. It's always such a wonderful time of year... family, friends and the time to do what you want for a change!

We've so far had a lovely weekend, stayed up late, spent much time together, shopped, lunched with family, had dinner on the beach together, held hands, laughed... I love our life!!

I've done a couple of LO's for some alpha challenges Jill at ScrapWitch is running. Each week we do a LO based on a letter. We try to use products and techniques based on that letter - I also have chosen to have the title matching the letter. It's fun...

1st one - R
Ribbon, RubOns, Round Frame, R Title, Red and the photo is taken from a Reflection in the mirror.

2nd one - E
Eyelets, Enamel Charm, E Title {yeah, ran out of ideas}

3rd one - P
Pattern Papers, Paint, Paint Pen, Pink, P Title

I did R the other week, E on Friday night and P tonight.

I'm off scrapping with the girls on Monday and get to meet Cath, am really looking forward to meeting her, and spending time with my buddies again! Don't have anything to scrap yet though... but hey - I have all tomorrow to get Kel to pose for me. Plus I have to get photos of Shadow and Darren playing fetch together... it's hilarious as Shadow is our cat!! And they play fetch with cotton buds of all things... crazy cat!!


  1. Mistra I am so happy to read your having a wonderful long week end so far.

    I too am feeling pretty relaxed and happy with life right now. It's a great feeling isn't it! :)

    As always your layouts look brilliant. Your scrapping style is excellent and I love seeing your creations.

    What a wonderful challenge making layouts based on letters of the alphabet. I love what you have come up with.

    Bye for now, have a great day and keep smiling xxoo

    From Susan@Scrapboxx

  2. Gorgeous and inspiring work as always Mistra! TFS! :) Glad you had a wonderful Easter.

  3. Beautiful LO's Mistra, you know I am a fan! Hope you had a great easter and ejoyed Scrappi Dais on Monday.

  4. Fabulous layouts Mistra,have my fingers crossed for you with the EDM, a gorgeous album.