Sunday, 6 May 2007

LO's and Rabbling...

OK... some LO's to share... just so's this page isn't so boring to look at!!

Did this at the SnC Cyber Crop last weekend. This one is based on a sketch especially done for SnC by the ever so talented Becky Fleck I changed the feel of the sketch as I do... but the placement of elements is the same.

This also from SnC CC - a progressive LO hosted by Lisa, I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out!

And this is the last one I managed to complete for the SnC - a LO based on M. Yep sorry me again, but we had to use a photo of ourselves... I'm sicking of seeing myself as well!!

This one I did today when my friends Nes and Peta from ScrapWitch came over to my house to scrap! Was a great day... I feel as comfy with them IRL as I do online!
This one of Darren I was hesitant to do... Darren has had a rough year, fighting a breakdown & depression caused by stresses at work. He's still fighting it by himself as he is hypersensitive to the medications available... but since giving up work to be a SAHD, the Darren I knew is coming back. But he loved this LO and is glad I have done it for him. I guess it's good to show to future generations that life isn't always perfect... hopefully it will help others down the track with coping when it's not.

And this simple one... took over 3 hours to do because I was too busy talking! I have fun with the simple ones. This is Kel and his cousin Jess, definately a Digi Duo these two!!

It has been a busy weekend this one. Went to Chelle's for drinks on Friday night and had a lot of laughs as we all do. Although I couldn't do much drinking, I was so lucky as to have to work on Saturday, so didn't want to be hungover... but at least it solved the how to get home issue!! I was surprised with a b'day gift... which I honestly had forgotten all about! Was so exciting! I got one of those oh so cute AMM Mini Tote's... way cool. It was filled with what must be the whole Q&Co Kissy Fit Range of embies... so yummy!! Guess I have some LO's that need doing... oooh but I have the perfect papers coming soon that will match ever so well!!

So then Saturday I worked until 2:00, came home with a boomer of a headache most likely because I actually had to use my brain there for once, knocked myself out with my "best friend Mersyndol" {yeah giggle girls... I know exactly the ones who will be!!} and went to bed early.

But today it was gone most of the day and as I mentioned earlier I scrapped with Nes and Peta all day, relaxed and had fun. They are such tidy scrappers... like no mess anywhere! How do people scrap so neatly!?! I thought I was tidy... but even I end up with paint from one end of the table to the other... not to mention what happens when let loose with glue!

Soooo... work tomorrow. I'm getting towards wits end, hoping it calms down before I have to admit defeat to the GM. It's just getting sooo busy on a permanent basis... oh well, maybe this week.

Alrighty... that's all for now. Darren keeps talking at me and I can't concentrate on this or him when he does that! Poor boy, lucky for him he still wins out...


  1. Hi Mistra,
    Love your L.O's your work is always great to look at. And honesty is the best thing and I think most people could relate to dark and down periods in their lives, I think you are amazing for stepping in and working and allowing your Hubby time to recoup. Take care Tracey.

  2. LO's are gorgeous as always Mistra - glad that you are having some good times and thank you so much for driving on Friday - I DID wake with a hangover!!!
    Take Care

  3. Just gorgeous work girl! and i loe that changes LO, we have to scrap the hard bits in life along with the good, so our future generations can see we were human too :)

  4. I'm so pleased you had a fabulous weekend!!! I would so liked to be closer so I could pop over and scrap with you. :)

    The layouts are gorgeous as always.

    Have a lovely week.

  5. Hi ya Mistra,

    I had the best time scrapping on Sunday. Didn't get much done but that's alright. LOL

    Love the LO of Darren. Very special :)

    Chat soon :)