Thursday, 31 May 2007

Melbourne was... in a nutshell... GREAT! I had the best time and got to meet lots of gorgeous people! I'm not in a very descriptive chatty mood atm so will ramble about it all later... but in the meantime here's some piccies!!

This is Jacqui, Me, Kerryn and Sam! Sam, thanks so much for welcoming me into your home, you made me feel right at home... I don't usually walk in and take over the kitchen as I did... honest!!

This is little Jack, out the back of Sam's house... now is he not the cutest looking little cool dude!!

This is Andy... he is gorgeous... look at those eyes, they've come up a bit greener in the pic here as I had to lighten the rest of it, but he's got big hunky green eyes IRL... this one's going to be a lady killer when he grows up for sure! Hugs cutey... Auny Mi-la will see you again one day!

OK... maybe boring for some... but through the haze of a migraine I spotted this olive tree in the street with olives on it... thought it was one of the most beautiful things!

And this is me being really bored on the way home taking pics of the sky, wing and clouds... like I said - I was bored!! Taken somewhere over the Great Aussie Bight.


  1. I love your pics - you must have had a great time in Melbourne!!

  2. And Mistra... you have been tagged :)