Sunday, 9 September 2007

LO Challenge by Vicki

After 3 attempts I finally managed a layout yesterday, fuelled by one of Vicki's Challenges over at Vicki's Venue. If you're looking for a bit of inspiration go check her site out, it's cute and has some fabulous challenges... Vicki is such a darling that you'll feel at home in minutes!

Anyways... I have an awesome 1/2 done masterpeice using Tinkering Ink, Jenni Bowlin & Scenic Route papers {inspired by the neverending talent of Steph Devlin and Suz Doyle}, but I simply couldn't get it to work with the photo! So changed it for some KMA Dirty Laundry, K&Co & Sassafras Lass papers I had left in my huge paper stash... and they were perfect because of their simplicity.

Seems simple and Mistra go hand in hand lately {yes, keep the smarty pants comments to yourselves... LOL} I like this photo too... cropped right into the pic and then changed the midtone contrast right up and the lighten shadows to max as well... love the effect!! And no brushes... been a while since I've not added a brush to the pic! But get a load of the pink and green... are we allowed to scrap in such "outdated" colours you ask... of course, it's scrapping, it's for fun... there's no rules... and it works!!

No matter what stage of this crazy scrapbooking game we play, whether you are at the beginning, the middle or the whole complete obsessed place it can be {hehehe that's me}... scrapping is for fun and for the memories you are recording {as well as making}... enjoy it... always!!


  1. I really like this! The colours are gorgeous and the flowers are just divine!!! Beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous. Just love the colours.