Saturday, 29 September 2007

Crop @ Ellenbrook

Last night I had the best fun at my first 'real' crop, as in one run by a bricks and mortar shop! It was somewhat overwhelming getting to know new people, but that's normal for me, can rabble on a hundred miles a minute to a total stranger on the net, but IRL is so different... at first!! I did have Cath and Kim there and I knew Jen {the manager}. And I also had a very delightful surprise in that Jules & Christine {members from Vicki's Venue} were there, such a small small world!!

Everyone was so nice and I felt right at home... I was a little surprised at some people saying go here to get this from there etc, while in another shop. Wonderfully helpful but I went in thinking of the crop as similar to a forum with a shop attached situation, maybe that's allowed? Will get to know the "crop politics" in due course I'm sure! Obviously a few of the ladies know I have my own store anyway, some are friends, some have been customers... it's a small world as I said! So anyways, I'm booked in to go next fortnight... woohoo!! And they do 12hour crops as well, so will HAVE to go do that one time to!

Oh and yep... I kinda finished 3 LO's... kinda as in I've done 3 but they need something 'more'. Will share them when I get them finished!!


  1. Mistra they are a great bunch in at The Scrapbook Shop and the fact that they help each other out with materials from other places is really quite refreshing, something that I personally have always tried to do. I'm sure Jen made you feel right at home!

  2. Oh that's wonderful to know then. It sure is refreshing and shows they offer service as well as supplies, it's so nice to be amongst people that just want to help and not compete! I can see they'll easily become my next fave LSS... aside to the one that's in my front room!! And yep... Jen surely made me feel right at home, she made me feel like I'd known everyone for years!

  3. It was lovely to see you again Mistra...and guess what?????
    your a feral now... LOL

  4. LOL... and pleased to be, whatever that may entail!!