Monday, 17 September 2007

Duo CC'ing this weekend!

Was a busy girl this weekend!!

Went to see the tax agent... AGAIN... and it's still wrong. Man I hate MYOB... even when you think it makes sense it doesn't!! And WTF I registered for GST is beyond me... no way am I going to turn over those kinds of $... thankfully the tax agent can unregister me for this tax year... woohooo bye bye BAS!!! Anyway... have another appointment this weekend and hopefully I'll have the #^%*$(# thing sorted out this time! It so shows that I am a scrapper and an estimator... I am by no means an accountant... !!

After that I had a most delightful afternoon with the girls, well the girls minus Kim... she was booked out and missed being able to come... which was a shame as it was a great day! We went for lunch at Oriels and had the most divine food... and then we went to see RESPECT! It was great!! Was such a great way to spend the day!

I got home before 6:00 to find that Darren had given our child away for the night... he went to his very first sleep over at a friends house and I wasn't there to hug him goodbye... I was devastated! And then to top it off... here we are, childless... payday... and I'd had a huge lunch and didn't want to go out for dinner... how Murphys is that!!

Anyway... the rest of the weekend I cyber cropped at ScrapWitch and Scrapping Around... yes... full on!! The paces at both are nice and easy going... but doing the 2 at the same time! Wow!!

So onto the creations...

This is for a horrible challenge Jill {ScrapWitch... and she showed just what a Witch she was} set us. Yeah... you knwo we still love you Jill, gluttons for punishment the lot of us!! It was an Alpha/Number Challenge... so we could only use things starting with the letters given... and only those many... so we had 5 C's, 4 S's, 3 R's, 2 I's and 1 J... my LO is honestly a tragedy... there's no saving it, shows the exhaustion set in as it's the last one I did all weekend!

This one I do like... nice and simple!! It was a sketch challenge and we had to use the word Light or Shine in the title... actually if you need some sketch inspiration Jill does pretty cool ones... there is always room for such individuality in them! This was done as an 8x8... I'm going to use the little 8x8 album I bought when with KarenM {she has one the same} as a little book of things that move me... and this is a perfect start for it!

OK... over to the Scrapping Around ones. I've been popping in over there as TassieKaren and Jac both DT there... and I like to catch up with them... although we do chatter on MSN... guess sometimes you need more outlets for chattering with those that care about you {and vica versa}. Monique {the owner} knows I have a store... but she's let me join in so I can chatter. I appreciate and respect her trust in me! People who know me know that I'm generally upfront and wouldn't go behind backs... it's just tacky... but for someone who doesn't know me to be so accepting... it's a great feeling!

Anyway... this one was an inspiration challenge... we had to use 3 colours from an image and include the number 1... so this is mine. It's a bit dark though... scanner didn't want to play the game and I took the photo inside at night. Pastels and I don't get on well... but we got there in the end!

This was a sketch challenge using one of Becky's PageMaps... Monique has been setting up the new shopping cart... forums... home page... so she's been a tad busy to create a new one of her own! I loved this one though... a round one, although I've backed it onto a 12x12. We also had to have pics showing a celebration... and I decided to do the usual weirdo and choose our day out with the girls... celebrating just being woman... yep... hear us roar!!

And this is half of Jac's step by step... the other half is pretty much the same... tell ya though... trained her well, she's a devil this one... I had to actually create an embellishment... like really now... we all know how lazy a scrapper I am... took me ages!! I so love that Strano bow on there though!!

So that's my weekend! Rock on the next one!!


  1. Ahhhhhhh trained by the best Mistra - rofl. We did have fun though I even got mine finished and uploaded it is rather tragic though rofl.

  2. Had to smile when reading about Jac's challenge... wonder where she learned to set evil challenges???? LOL. I really should pop back into SA and see what those two are up to.

    L-O-V-E the lighthouse LO... there's something amazing about lighthouses, isn't there? I'm fascinated with them too.

  3. haha.. what a great weekend you had.. very creative. I am glad we had fun at RESPECT.. was a good day. pitty about not wanting to go out that night but all the same it was a nice night for you both to have together.
    chat soon missy..

  4. You had a big weekend!!! :):)

    I love the one person party!

    PS I've tagged you!!

  5. I agree with Vicki Mistra,your party layout is sensational!