Sunday, 27 April 2008

Mini Break

We went down to Bunbury {about 200km's south of Perth} for a very needed family mini-break!! Got back yesterday about lunch time... had planned on being home later in the afternoon though, but due to being kept up until 2am listening to very rowdy drunken louts cursing and yelling from a carpark across the road from the hotel... we were a tad tired so came home earlier! The air con had been switched to warm because "it's coming onto winter"... FFS, what if we were from freakin' Antartica huh!! So we had to have the windows open for some cool air. We were on the 5th floor and it sounded like these morons were on the balcony!! We asked reception to call the police and they had the tenacity to tell us that we could call them ourselves.... ummm hello!!! We're the guests here!! Needless to say... won't be staying there again. Would have got the same service in a caravan park... actually probably would have been quieter there!

Anyway... over the crappy part, now just going to focus on the fun bits! Like the awesome sunset...
... and the very relaxing and quiet {ahhhh quiet} walk through the mangroves!

We went to the Dolphin Discovery Centre... but the dolphins hadn't come into the bay while we were there, was sad about that... BUT, the entry tickets last for 6 months so we can try again on some day trips perhaps! I would soooo love to see dolphins in the wild! Kel and Dags did lots of learning though about all things Dolphin...

Anyway... scrapping with the Scrappi Dais girls today, just a quiet day with the 5 of us... so will see if I get some of these photos scrapped! Highly unlikely... will be most likely asleep!!


  1. Having a mini break sounds like a great idea. Sorry to read you didn't get a good night sleep though.

    Those photos of the sun set are brilliant. The deep orange colours are so pretty aren't they.

    Wonderful layouts again as always. I love how you group the flowers together and the vine you used is a perfect touch. I've never seen a vine for scrapbooking before.

    Have a great week and keep smiling my friend. Love from Susan McGuire (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

  2. Thanks Susan... I was soooo happy with the sunset, and the LO as well. I got the vine from Scrap'n'Crazy, made by a new WA supplier... it's a bit nice isn't it!!