Tuesday, 8 April 2008

This and that and a LO...

Really missing my scrap mojo... I've been struggling lately, everything takes so long and is so 'blagh' to me at the moment.  I look back at my work and there's certainly nothing 'award winning' in any of them, well not to me anyway.  They're balanced and neat and co-ordinated, but just missing that 'zazz', although a few that are covered in bling and flowers still appeal.  I know that's not the point and they don't have to... just being done is a success... but it makes me feel like I've lost a part of myself if you know what I mean.

This simple LO took me all friggin' weekend and last night to do... how stupid is that!!  I think it was part shock that I actually had non-goofy pics of my son to scrap... oh hang-on... I had PICS of my son full stop I think!  He's a devil trying to gets pics taken of these days.  And the other part is no flowers and no bling... I can't remember last time I did a LO that at least didn't have an iddy bit of bling hidden somewhere on it!  Did however have an absolute ball working on the grungeboard, with Staz-on, Tim Holtz and Versacolor inks... and then the DM... was good fun and I even got messy!   So even though it's not 'perfect' in my eyes... I did have a great time making it... that should be all that counts huh... grin!   And I so love these photos of Kel trying to look tough and cool on my dad's Triumph... my gorgeous boy!!

Anyway... still a tad melancholy at the moment... likely not helping the creativity.  Lots of people turn to scrapping because they are down... I scrap when I'm on an up, we're all different. But if I just keep my head down, watch a few funny movies, keep to myself it will pass and I'll be back in the land of the living.

It's mine and Dags 13th Wedding Anniversary today, we even remembered for once.  We're a bit hopeless with that, but it's never been a big hullaballoo... April is busy for us with both our birthdays one after the other as well, so generally it's a big month of 'things to do and people to see'.  Generally we do it all in one hit to save being on the go for the whole month... although for once we don't have Easter to fit in as well, that's a treat!!

My offsider at work quite yesterday, actually a bit devo'd about that as I've almost got him to being just about right on the quoting game and I've {well he as well, he's had to do the learning} put a lot of work into getting him there.  But I can't blame him, there's not a lot of room for advancement, unless you want to go into sales, since I'm pretty much part of the furniture and not going anywhere... soooo here we go again looking for another person and then spending all that time training.  Really don't want to do it, it's hard work and takes months at least... and then they go and leave... groan!!  An estimator in a print firm is proving to be an unusual commodity... should use that to my advantage, but it goes against who I am, bugger.   But I fit where I work, we understand one another and there are more things than money... I'm also pretty blessed to like my job... when I get to do it... ROFL!!!

Oh well... ca la vie as they say... well something like that!

Anyway... make sure you take care of you coz then you can take care of everyone else as well!!


  1. I told you to train me, didn't I.

  2. Sorry to hear you are not feeling yourself. {{HUGS}} to you from me.

    Your LO's are always gorgeous and inspiring to me. Love looking at your work.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Dags. Have a wonderful night together

    Luv Peta

  3. happy anniversary to you and dags.. hope you feel better soon..

    and as for the co worker.. what a drag to now have to teach someone else.

  4. Sorry to hear you are having one of your bad hair days. Hang in there Mistra. Big Hugs.

    Your work is always outstanding and to me you are certainly an inspiration.

    It's a pity your offsider quit today, hoping it won't be too taxing retraining again.

    I'm happy to send over some photo's of my DD for you to scrap. :)

  5. Oh Mis, the layout is simply stunning and you are one one person that no matter what always seems to provide inspiration.

    Love to you and Dags for the wedding anniversary.

    And love to Kel for letting you take some wonderful pictures.

    love ya cabbage.....grin!!