Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas Recovery...

I love this quiet time after Christmas... recovery time. Even though I kept my Christmas preparations this year to a minimum, you still get stressed! I've had nanna naps every day lately.... I have no idea how I'm going to cope when I go back to work!!

Just thought I'd share some fave pics from our Christmas, our trees and assembled decorations....

There is NSW Christmas Bush in there as well, a tradition my MIL has started as they all hale from NSW, so if we have Christmas Eve at our house then a cutting comes with. I love it, it's a nice tradition.

I would like to say it was a nice Christmas Eve this year... and it was until just before dinner when a certain 39 year old had a temper tantrum, then ruined the night for us all by sulking... and it wasn't me! Oh well... family hey!!

Pic from the back door early Christmas Morning... even though Kel is nearly 12 and over the Santa thing, he still gets up far too bloody early Christmas morning! The grape vines seriously need some tending too... but I love them looking all wild!

Shadow... always a cat with attitude... here he is saying "feeds me now, or the nose gets bitten"... he got fed!

Kel with Talis and Shay up at Nev's 'new' 100yr old house in Northam... her kids got the little pool for Christmas while they fix up the inground one. Kel at first was doing the 'tween' thing and not wanting to go in... lasted about 10 mins and he's in there as well. I'm so glad to see he can let go of the 'but I'm a big kid' attitude and play with his younger cousins who adore him!

Christmas day however was a lovely day... Nev's house is very 'her' and you feel comfortable immediately there. So we all relaxed and eventually got lunch sorted by 3pm... yes, all disorganised as always... but that's my sister and certainly didn't bother me in the least!!

And my gorgeous sister Jenevra... I've not seen her for such a long time! We are making amends this year with luck... and getting together more often!!

Oh and a layout... I've been really slack scrapping this holiday, just don't have the oompfh still, I'm feeling bored with it, shocking I know... hope that goes away soon!!!

So that's all from me... NYE next, Kel's birthday, but we have no plans. Nev's coming over in the afternoon after she drops Arthur at the airport and that's about it. We usually take Kel to a movie or something, whatever he wants as it's his night, but this year money is seriously tight so doubt that will happen.... sucks. But he's a good kid, so long as I make him his lasagne and a happy birthday cake he'll be happy... have to make sure next year is extra special, he'll be a teenager for that one.... god help me! So I will enjoy this last year before the teen swings hit!!

Until next time... take care of you!

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