Sunday, 28 December 2008

And she scraps...

...albiet not terribly well! But... I have some photos finally scrapped! I was determined that I was going to push past this scrappers block, and boy did it show in the beginning, couldn't balance this LO to save my life!

So... Fathers Day, speaks for itself:

Karen singing her heart out at her 30th b'day party:

Me and Dags in a photo together for once! Why I thought that flourish was a good idea on here I have no idea...

Darren's Mug Shot... he did Mo'vember and grew this Chopper style moustache, he looked so mean!! Thank goodness it's gone now! But... finally I'm getting some half decent scrap style happening!

And our Tigerpuss... he's so gorgeous! And I LOVE this LO...

So that was yesterday... spent the day on and off scrapping and watching TV, true veggy day! Thinking today will be much the same, a tad on the boring side... but I'm relaxed finally, no dizzies, no headaches, no lumps, no aches... about friggin time!!

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