Monday, 22 December 2008

I did scrap!!

One whole layout... better than none though!! I've used a Pagemaps Sketch as really, inspiration is GONE, but I want to at least pretend I can create!! I LOVE these papers though, they are the new Kaiser ones and I wish I could get them all in for MaDs right now, but have to wait a little as I've already spent this months MaDs allowance. This pic of Lisa and I is a classic {thanks for snapping it Karen}! I've put a golden filter over it to blend the papers in and I think it all works great!

I have other pics from the Wine Tour to do, but this one I wanted to do right away... which reminds me, doofus head... I have to burn the pics to disk for the girls, doh!!

My PC is kinda dead, I'm coping though with the laptop, just all my email contacts and MYOB for the shop are on the PC... I can cope, just means I'm going to have a wad of shop paperwork to input when it gets fixed as I usually do it as it happens... blagh!! Will get it fixed in the New Year when we have some cash flow and have recovered from the silly season! I did have to load the trial version of Lightroom onto here though, I can't live without it, didn't realise how much I use it on my photos!!

The crop here on the weekend was truly an enjoyable day, just 4 of us {me, Jules, Jen & Vicki} and it was very relaxed... I really enjoy having friends over to scrap here, so glad I got this big crop table. Dags met the girls as well this time, well he knows Jules, but met Jen & Vicki who've I've spoken of to him for the last year and a bit but he's not yet met... he likes them too, they're all as loopy as each other I think!!

I got a FAB gift from Kaiser today, some very cool coffee cups. Was such a surprise as being small businesswise I'm not used to receiving gifts from suppliers... they've really made my Christmas so far! Will save them for crop days I'm thinking!

Body is still falling apart at the seams... LOL! Get the dizzies controlled and something else breaks, I know it's all stress signs... but I've been doing some chilling out - honest, there's just a couple of issues that are out of my hands that are bothering me atm, but they will sort themselves out... and it's not something I can just fix... grrrr, but they're not stressful enough to stress too much over iykwim! This time I have a gland swell up behind/below my ear, and it's made my earlobe all numb now, should go get it peirced hey, it's numb already so won't hurt!! Not worried though, my ear has always been my weak spot, if it's not down or getting better by the end of the week I'll go annoy my doctor again... I'm sure he's sick of me lately!! LOL!!

Today is the first day of my holidays and I'm so enjoying it! Went to Mirrabooka to get the next book in the Twilight series {yes, another Twilight Addict here}... saw Jules, then met Lisa, Paul and the kidlets for morning tea and a natter... then had lunch with Jules... was a nice unexpected treat! Got most of the Christmas shopping done as well, with no stressing happening. Just have to go get dad's tomorrow morning and I'm all done, no stress, no fuss... so far it's been great!!

I want to start a Daily Diary kind of thing, like a journal but scrappy... like Ali Edwards does/did. I think it's a great idea, but I do wonder if I have enough each day to write about... usually my life is pretty routine... and then I have to question whether I will finish it... and shall I start now just before Christmas... or after Christmas in the New Year!! But it would be interesting to look back on... should have done it this last year as it's been full of ups and downs and lots of things happening... hoping for less of a rollercoaster ride this year!!

Alrighty... I'm getting off this thing and am going to attempt to finish another LO... or start the Diary... or maybe actually finish the Facebook Addictions album I started... this arvo is for creativity... or maybe TV... or I do have my new book to start... LOL!!!

Take care of you!!

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