Thursday, 28 May 2009

52Q Up to Date!!

Finally I am up to date with these tags {well I've not done the journaling yet}... gotta say, I still am loving doing them, they've been a wonderful journey for me, creatively as well as personally. I think I'll leave them build up and do them once a month... you just get into a whole messy groove and go with it that way!!

I was originally binding them with a ball/chain thingy, already I can't fit these on there! So instead, since I've not numbered most of them, I'm going to leave them loose and put them in my gorgeous Audrey Hepburn bag until I can find an old fashioned school port and alter that to use for it. I think that way it will encourage people to touch and read... I like that idea.

Finally got another set of ATC's done. Very simple as the topic threw me. So here they are: "Ancient" - Statues Theme. Was fun getting back to them though... might have to do some more just for fun.

Kel comes home this afternoon from camp, can't wait to see him and hear all about it, I really hope he had a great time. The routine here at home didn't change a lot really, but then I've been home on holidays, everything was different dynamics so there wasn't much of a routine to follow. Also he's older now and does a lot of his own things already, has been funny however that I kept going to check on him at bedtime!!

Other than that... today I think will be spent scrapping! I have some projects to finish so will play with them. Hopefully it works because I'm still in the messy mood... if not I'll create more backgrounds etc. Tomorrow I'm up off to Northam to have lunch with my sister... KID FREE woohoo!! Then on the weekend Dizz and maybe Chrissie are coming to play... more wooohooo!!

Until next time, take care of you.

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