Monday, 25 May 2009

Holiday Mode...

It's so cold here tonight... we really need to get some wood in for the heater!

I'm now on holidays until June 4th, I'm truly needing this break... I feel like work has eaten me up and spat out a shell. Karen was coming this week but it seems {unless we get a miracle} that now she isn't... she just needs to be home this week . BUT I have holidays again in July so we'll be able to reschedule our get together if the miracle doesn't eventuate... ever the optimist I am!

Kel's at school camp this week, he was so excited this morning to be dropped off ready to go, he was nearly turning himself inside out talking to his teacher. I hope he has the best time. I'm also really glad I spent money we couldn't really afford on a really thick warm coat for him... it's colder than I think they'd planned it would be!!

Today I went to Lisa's... was originally going to pop over for coffee and see each other IRL which we rarely get to do, but it ended up a scrap session... as it always does LOL! I worked on some of my 52Q Tags and showed Lisa some mixed media techniques, talk about a duck to water... she was off and running and created much beauty!!

Here's the tags I've done... just the fronts, need to work on answers for the backs.

This last weekend was another member run CC @ SW... much fun and awesome challenges... who needs a DT with these gals! I've only done 3 so far, but we have all week to finish them.

This was FUN... Heather "Mosaic Pics" challenge... I unearthed 21? pics here and fitted them onto a double LO!! Wasn't my baby sooo cute.

Ange's Pamper Me Challenge:

Kim's Word Puzzle Challenge... this was harder than it looked to try and fit it all on there, but lots of fun!

Tomorrow is a stay at home and chillax day... the whole house to myself all day... what do people with hubbies at work and no kids do all day? Guess I'll find out hey!!

Until next time, take care of you.

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  1. Hmm would love to find out what people with no kids at home do. If you get bored you are more than welcome to my three for an hour or so (dont imagine it would take any longer than that for you to be unbored, LOL).

    Enjoy your down time. You deserve it.