Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Well scrapping has been slow, living slow, work slow enough {phew for that one}... getting bored with slow though!! Time for some excitement in my life I think... oh well tra la la, I should just be grateful with slow after craving it for so long.

I went to a crop with Dizz on Friday, a lovely night as always. Chatted to a lovely nutter {Fiona} who is a speedy gonzalez scrapbooker, hope to see her more... I love meeting new peoples! Looking forward to scrapping on Friday again, might take my nichos and see if I can get started learning how to decorate them.

I did these last weekend, top 2 are H&S midweek challenges and the double was supposed to be one of the H&S Cyber Crop Challenges but I got carried away!

Water, Design LO: Mistra

Real, LO Design: Mistra

Loves Me, Design LO: Pagemaps, with a Mistra Twist

Well I have survived a couple of weeks back at work, of course I got sick again... just a cold/flu thing, starting to feel human again now. But it's ok to be back in the swing of things, routine has it's benefits that's for sure! Darren is still only working part-time, but it's something and it enables him to look for the 'right' job, I hope it comes along soon!!

My MaDscrapped Flourishes are doing well!! I'm very rapt with the response and have special orders coming in... hanging for payday so that I can order some more raw flourishes, not to mention my order of stains and mica coming from the US. I've discovered a method to make pastel tones, now I just need to create a way to hold some bright tones. If you've not seen my creations go have a see!!

Isn't funny where your journey's lead you? Yeah, I may have gone full circle with the shop/forums etc... nothing to everything to nothing again... but that journey has led me to meet some wonderful people in my travels and from those people who have touched my life and shared their experiences with me I have learned new things... and grasped those new things and created my own 'niche' in my little world. With this I am happy...

Until next time, take care of you.


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

    Much love Vicki x

  2. Hi long time no speak. Your work is still great.
    Hope all is well health wise.

    Take Care