Monday, 21 December 2009

Santa came early...

for a certain young man in our household...

For 2 years Kel has wanted his own dog. After Sassy passed Darren & I weren't ready... finally now for Kel we are. She was supposed to be a birthday present, but we found her earlier and knowing she was perfect had to grab her then and there. Kel originally wanted to save an older dog, but this little girl was just what he had been hoping for... sometimes plans change when things are meant to be.

Her name is Cocoa {we are so original I know} and she's a Chocolate Labrador with a little bit of Border Collie thrown in, she's only 7 weeks old and missing her brothers and sisters...

but she's starting to settle in already, especially if we are on the floor with her.

It's safe for us down there on the floor... she has a toe fettish otherwise!

Until next time, take care of you.


  1. Oh Cocoa is so beautiful, love her dark chocolate brown & those eyes..divine!! Welcome to the Hoolahan home little girl, I have no doubt you'll be loved & cherished there. Congratulations Kel, on becoming a pet owner, it's a beautiful thing.

  2. I think Cocoa is just what the doctor ordered for your family - enjoy!

  3. A little bit of Border Collie hey! lol She is very cute! you will have a lot of fun with the puppy stage! Can't wait to see more photo's!!

  4. Cocoa is just so adorable, Merry Christmas to you & your family Mistra