Monday, 14 December 2009

Making a list...

and hopefully finishing it!

I need to get some Christmas Spirit happening, but my mind is still off in DeNile ;-) so thought a list might come in handy... might help, or create a mild panic attack LOL!

Get the Christmas Tree up: can't have Christmas without it! This also involves moving the lounge and dining room around so we can fit the tree in; which then involves me cleaning both rooms because once you move something you find 'hidden' things, it's going to take all day. Sigh... should have put the tree up in June LOL!

Send Cards: I think I've left this kinda late... better get my skates on!

Buy Presents... luckily I only have to get 2 more Secret Santa ones for Darren's side of the family and I know what they want. One is on it's way already. I have my niece and nephews already, my sister and I aren't swapping this year... so that just leaves mum and dad. Easy Peasy. Then there is Kel, there's not much he wants... but he loves opening pressies and there's only going to be a couple to open. He's such a good kid, doesn't care about branding, doesn't care if we spend a lot or not... just like to open pressies and misses Santa! And then we have his birthday on the 31st which I wanted to be a huge thing for him, I had all these cool plans for his 13th and now... nothing. He wants a dog, that's all... so after Christmas we'll be looking at the animal refuge for a new family member. Big step for all of us there. And again... he's such a good kid when it comes to these things... he doesn't care if there's not party, so long as he gets his dog {and it doesn't even have to be a puppy because he wants to 'save' one}, and a cake and happy birthday sung to him. Oh... I digressed, back to the 'list' girl!

Buy Presents: {take 2} Chillax Missy, there's not many to get!

Wrap Presents: I think this is where my Christmas Spirit is hiding, I LOVE wrapping presents.

Plan Christmas Eve: New for this year, we are staying home alone. Might have one of Darren's mates over, will see what happens. But I get to plan some yummies for dinner... if that doesn't get my Christmas Spirit happening then nothing will!

Christmas Day: Get up, chill out... go to mum's, have a swim up the river and enjoy a wonderful day with the people I love the most in this world.

Is there a twinge of excitement... not yet {although Christmas Day itself does}, but I'm going to start writing a thorough list at least. Planning Christmas Eve dinner will help the happy bug, I love planning yummies! But I am calm, I''m not stressing... that's a good thing!

Until next time, take care of you.


  1. Good luck, I'm sure once you get into it all you will have it finished in no time :)

  2. You is a nut, Just let if flow babe it will all happen whether you are making a list or not.
    So what if everything is not perfect just enjoy the company of the ones you love the most.
    Loves ya Dizz xoxoxo

  3. LOL... what do you mean 'not perfect', everything has to be perfect doesn't it!? Oh blimey is that ANOTHER lesson I need to add to the 2010 list of goals - "not everything has to be perfect".

    Thanks guys!

  4. Hi Mistra! Just wondering if you know what's going on with TATS?

    P.S. I love your holiday blog decor!