Wednesday, 19 May 2010


You know... a weekend has gone by and I have nothing creative to show you, that feels odd!! So how about some pics from the weekend:

Kel, with his favourite food on the planet - PIE!!

James St Antique Strip, Guildford

Silly Dove, our backyard.

My Coco Bunny... she's all growned up!!

I did create last weekend, I did my sample for my upcoming 1st class at Tomorrow's Memories on 10th July... it looks good... but I can't show you {LOL... yes Tina, there I did it - the "I can't show you" clause}! But it's at TM's if you want to pop in and see!! Tina was my guinea pig and we ran through it together so I could work out how long, what to say, see if we both stuffed up in the wrong spots so I could find outs to fix it... get a wee bit of teaching practice happening, was fun!! I made a sample for Tomorrow's Memories with the new Collections yummies... I'm really happy with my creation, but forgot to take a pic before I gave it to the shop... doh! And I've made a Dusty Attic yummy as well but it just needs a bird to be finished and I don't have the right bird yet. So all this creativity and no pics... sacriledge I reckon!

This weekend I should have Linda learned stuff to show you... woohooo, 'citing!!

Take care of you.


  1. Coco is so big now, will have to pop in another time to see you creations

  2. looking forward to seeing your creations Mistra...miss ya girly

  3. Well now I'm going to have to make a special trip to the shop to check out all these wonderful creations ;) Sounds like your class is going to be very organised and well will be fabulous, I just know it!

  4. Kel and the dog have both grown like weeds since I last saw a pic of them. grrr hiss ... antique strip shopping! Teaser! LOL I went past St Vinnies today does that count???

  5. Truth be told... pie is my favourit too.
    Don't worry about your class I just know that you will be fabulous.
    Can't wait to see what you have created.
    love me :-)

  6. There is a bundle of new Collections goodies set aside at the shop for you for when you can pop in next. Vicki x

  7. Oooooh 'citement, thanks Vicki!

    LOL @Tracey, yeah sometimes you can't go past a good pie and those ones in Guildford were pretty spesh!

    Marcy - yep, Vinnie's counts - if you go IN!!

    Thanks Susan... I'm looking forward to doing the class now, not as terrified as I was before LOL.

    Kim... miss ya too!

    Susanne... won't be long! I'm doing a flooded canvas class this weekend as well so will have that for show and tell too!!

  8. Nice pics, thanks for sharing. That Kel of yours is a heart stopper ;) and look at your darling baby girl, all growned up now.

  9. OMG I cannot believe how big Coco is! holy cow! will call back later to see your gorgeousness! lol And Tina wouldn't show anything either!!! :(