Sunday, 30 May 2010

Flooded Canvas

Here's my flooded canvas from my class today with Linda Baldock, what a woman... I wish we didn't have to let her go home, would so love to spend more time with her! My 1st canvas with her is still under construction, it looked somewhat like an exploded cupcake, which for an art piece about exploded cupcakes would have been fine... for old world time, not so good! But this one... this one I LOVE!! I guess like most things for me... I learn, take away... get comfortable and then do my own thing, this 2nd time around I was far more relaxed... and it shows I think {even with the big bling swirl that I HAD to add... because I tragically love the stuff}.

So I've called this one L,S,D {Lucy, Sky, Diamonds}... yeah cliche but I like!

I also made this one at a play and create night at Linda's mum's house... nice eh!! It's on my 'crocheted by me' hat... poor hat needed some sort of class!! If you want a chance to win a Linda Original Handmade Bloom Ring, then pop on over to her blog here, and follow the instructions!!

Andddd... I made an awesome clock at Tomorrow's Memories with Evana, delish big Dusty Attic one. Just need to add the clock mechanism and get a decent shot, but it's dark now so you'll just have to drool over the Linda Art until I get that done.

So that's me... best go spend some time with the boys so they remember who I am! I've had an amazing weekend and am really feeling it now, had a major headache all day, one trying to be a migraine but it's not allowed, nope... too much to do!! I think a very early night is on the cards!

Take care of you.


  1. wow, you can hear in your words that you have come away glad you had a great time.
    and wow oh wow at the flooded frame!!
    Gorgeous hues of blue.. totally awesome work!!
    and ooooo at that flower brooch!!!

  2. My goodness girl, isn't that exquisite. Stunning stuff and the bling swirl is divine, gotta have it I reckon too.
    What's with the "flooded" reference? Certainly a catchy name in any case.

  3. Oh I should explain that... I keep forgetting people can't read my mind! The flooded is the process to create the background - the inside of the canvas is 'flooded' with stains such as MoonGlow Starburst Stains {like the luminarte daubers... well I used both}.

  4. Stunning, can't wait to see the clock!

  5. SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!