Saturday, 29 May 2010

Time Flies...

when you're having fun!

And having fun is what I hope we'll all have at my very first class at Tomorrow's Memories in July!

This is what I have created, a "Time Flies" Canvas and we get to be messy with all paints, pearlex, inks and UTEE using delicious Dusty Attic Chipboard!

I'll show you how to use paints to create wonderful texture and how to create fabulous deep shimmering colour on your chipboard.

If you want to come and play with me, call Tomorrow's Memories on 9279 2183 to book your spot. The class is on Saturday 10th July at 1pm... hope to see you there!!

Take care of you.


  1. Oh I wish too!!
    I would LOVE to do one of your classes, but for now I just have to sit over here across the border and be inspired.
    Good luck with your first class Mistra... I am sure it will be amazing!!

  2. Oooh those angels are divine. What a fab idea, great theme to work with too. Can I join your class via cyberspace LOL. One of these days we WILL meet IRL. We have to (you have to dust some of your artistic talent onto me you know).