Saturday, 14 August 2010

Tool Time...

ok, well not quite... but it's a "Dusty Attic Mini Tool Caddy" time!

Isn't this sweet... it's the perfect size for holding all the bits I'm working with on a project {tools, glimmermists, hand cream, paints, glue, tape} so I don't lose them all over the desk and under papers and chipboard. It's also handy because my cheeky Coco can't help herself into it and chew up everything {this week I have lost my craft knife, a tube of Jo Sonya paint and my gold rub'n'buff because I left them laying on the table near the edge... where Coco decided they'd great to either eat or puncture}.

I've decorated it with perfectly vintage paper from Inspired Crafts, my FAVE little roses from Tomorrow's Memories, Prima Flowers & Swirls from Red Earth and also one of the new release Flourishes from Dusty Attic. I love my cute little caddy, covered in a few of my favourite things...

Take care of you.


  1. Yum, Yum, this is awesome. I love love love it. Your talent make me so totally jealous

    Umm, now for coco... a craft knife paint and rub n buff, ummm interesting combination, just keep a look out for pretty coloured carved nuggets, he might have your talents.

  2. Well done, a delightful place to store all your creative things

  3. Oh my, isn't that exquisite. So you, and you know what? one of them would look wonderful on my scrap table too LOL.
    Must get me one of them me thinks!

  4. OMG thats way too pretty to put tools in gal! You should use it to stock pile cards in or fill it with mini tags or some thing displayyeee just too pruddy! SIGH!!!!

  5. OH stunning Mistra, so so so beautiful....