Sunday, 10 October 2010

Some-days it doesn't...

Isn't it funny how some-days your creative streak just spills out stunning stuff, and then some-days there is nothing... everything you do feels forced and not quite right. Maybe those days we shouldn't scrap, but what do you do when you want to play anyway?!

Well I usually just play... as a friend once told me, not everything I do has to be perfect. LOL, actually I get told that a lot {friends, family... especially mum}... I still don't know WHY it can't be perfect each time though ;-) guess that's still something I need to get 'over'!!

So it keeping with not perfect, but fun to scrap - here is our Coco:

I have been pulling this LO for weeks to scrap and not quite getting anywhere... so I just relaxed, nattered away to Tina, Jen & Mel at Inspired Friday the other week and created, ripped, distressed, painted, dabbed... and made this. And while not perfect, I had fun and it's scrapped.

There is Autumn Leaves, Kaiser & Tim Holtz Papers, Websters Blooms {the last of my treasured stash}, a Prima Flower, Beaded Trim, Dusty Attic Leafy Stems and some gorgeous Crochet Trim sent to me by my friend Heather.

The Leafy Stems were FUN to finish. I have used Adirondack Paint Dabbers {eternal thanks for Evana for getting me well hooked on these, they are the BEST} in Mushroom, Sandal, Aqua & Stream, Stickles in Patina {mmm another new fave colour thanks to Christine} and I think that's about it... the paints were layered and blended and smooshed... ooooh smooshed reminds me of Smooch... and that WILL be the new addiction for finishing my chippies - Smooches! LOL, and finally {back on track now} they were touched with the stickles.

Take care of you.


  1. Oh this is gorgeous Mistra - love all the distressing edges and the colour combo is yummy - I have resisted the urge so far to get some paint dabbers but after seeing your leafy stems - hmmm well .. damm .. lol might have to get some!

  2. Wow Coco has really changed - still adorable tho ;) wish I could scrap like this when my creativity isn't flowing, sheesh Mistra give yourself some credit, this LO is stunning!!!!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Yes... I highly recommend the Adirondack Dabbers, they are excellent. So easy to use and no clean up! If some are thick, you just add some water and shake and they are fine and dandy!

    Awwww Jo, thanks... I like it but it's missing 'something', just not sure what! But I had fun, and that's what I go by. Coco has changed, she's still tiny though, smaller than a Kelpie, so I'd LOVE to know where the supposed 'Labrador / Border Collie' went! We adore her though, she's just the right size for us.

  4. I know what you mean at the moment Mistra - feeling like you forcing it. In saying that I still think this gorgeous!!!!! I think I might have to go and do some online shopping for those Adirondack Dabbers - I love the effects you create on your chippies!!! I read you were doing an online class with the Pink Paislee Anthropology papers? Let me know 'when/where' so I can have a peek - thanks!!!

  5. Colleen the class with be through Red Earth Scrapping, kits are available and it will be at the beginning of November. There will be a blog set up with private access to those who purchase the kit and step by step instructions will be posted, I will be available to 'help' via the forums for 'live' help!

    It will have all my faves in there, flowers, lace, bling & Dusty.. plus that gorgeous Parisian Anthology range! 10% of the Sales are going towards Pink Ribbon Fundraising.

  6. Thanks Mistra, sorry only saw your reply today. I had a peak at Read Earth site but before I put my order in, is there anything else I will need? Sorry to be a pain but as you know I live in the 'middle of no where' so I need to find it and order it now (if I don't have it)to get in time for the online class. Thanks & looking forward to your 'class'!!!

  7. I should put my "email me" linky thing back up, it's gone walkabouts!!

    You will need some ink {or glimmermist}, something to add some colour. I will be using some of the Pink Taffy Glimmermist {Helen might still have some in the shop} and Tim Holtz Distress Ink {Tattered Rose}, but anything in the pink tones should work well and the glimmermist won't be essential but we do need an ink that we can tint the chippy with and rub into the papers to bring up the patterns they have embossed onto it! Also some white {or warm white, cream} acrylic paint and that should be it, everything else will be in the kit.

    Also we'll need a blending tool for the inking, a simple foam makeup wedge will work a treat if you don't have a fancy dancy one.

  8. Ok, so I have a blending tool (what do ya know.....LOL), white paint and I have Viva Pink glimmermist & Spun Sugar Distress Ink - that should be ok?? Helen has no stock of the Pink Taffy at the moment.
    I went to order it but couldn't check out, just waiting for my registration.

  9. They'll be perfect Colleen! Helen will approve your registration soon I'm sure, she likes to keep everything nice and safe so we're all secure there!

    Mis xo

  10. Thanks Mistra.......order is done and paid for with a couple of extra bits & pieces but hey, its all for a good cause, isn't it................LOL!!!! Thanks again, looking forward to it, now just the wait :(

  11. Beautiful layout mis and Coco is still gorgeous!
    Been having fun by the looks of it!
    Well done on all your beautiul work! hugs! x