Wednesday, 10 November 2010


... happy, content... dizzy, but happy and content!

So much has been going on for us this last year, jobs gotten, left and found again for Darren, High School and all its miseries for Kellan {yes, we're still having dramas - poor kid}, my creative life gone from nothing to 3 DT's and teaching, a big event of a retreat over east for me and us trying to refinance so we can get some financial stability. It's been up and down and all over the place.

But I'm now feeling happy and content. Not sure why, work is quite stressful with everyone around me not happy and my workload {as well as everyone else’s} increased, and these stupid incessant dizzy spells again {stress that I keep denying I have}... but I think I feel hope again, hope that maybe 'next' year we'll be on top of all our worries and all things will finally come together for us, because this time we are making them come together!

My Saturday trip into Tomorrow's Memories has become a wonderful distraction for me, whether teaching or hunting & gathering supplies or just having a natter to whoever will listen to me, I really love it... it's something I look forward to every weekend, time for ME while still being useful to someone else, and now is a part of my, and my family’s, routine.

The build up to one of the highlights of my year {the Home & Scrapped Retreat} was exhausting, and I was exhausted there because of the chaos that was my weeks prior to it... it took me almost 3 days to settle and feel more myself. Never again am I catching a red-eye when I have more travelling and things to do the next day... it's not worth the drama, well the drama for my poor friends’ anyway - I was on zombie auto-pilot and had no idea what was going on LOL! But I got to enjoy time with some wonderful ladies, some of whom I have 'known' for over 5 years and have now met IRL. It was a treasured time, never to be forgotten.

I stayed with Angie at Summerleigh... thanks yet again Angie, you made me feel so welcomed in your home and it was so nice to be 'mothered' instead of doing the mothering for a change!

I had a roommate - Kim - poor girl had to put up with my late night giggling not to mention the inevitable snoring, but it was wonderful to have that girly fun time with her! I've not had many long natters with Kim before in the 'chat room' at H&S, but I felt like we'd known each other for years, love it when that happens!

I was greeted by Amy at the Airport. Amy and I have had many long heartfelt natters in the chat room, and she is just the same IRL as she was online, what a treasure to have her all to myself on the trip up to Taree and back... time I will hold close to my heart!

I got to meet Heather and Karen, Penny again, Larny, Suzanne {again, we met up in Perth the weekend prior - lucky me}, Linda and Maria... so amazing, I really wish I could have had more one on one time with these ladies, but there wasn't enough time {or me surprisingly} to go around, darn it!

I also was lucky enough to be invited to run a class while there at Scrapsidaisy in Wingham. What fun this was and with such beautiful warm friendly ladies, definitely one of the many highlights of my trip over, not to mention the beginning a new addiction – handmade hat pins!!

Over the course of the 5 days I shared as much of my creative knowledge as I could and learnt so much in return, came home totally exhausted, but bursting with new ideas!

So a couple of weeks on, all creative deadlines met, routine established... and life’s back to 'normal', whatever normal is! Creatively I have 3 classes to plan and am so excited about them and am itching to start playing… but I have one last project to finish before I allow myself to be immersed in all things paint, bling and chippy again!

And so… if you are still here reading, well done! It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a good old rabble on here, and this is what happens when I leave it so long… create a novel!

Take care of you.

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