Sunday, 2 January 2011

365 - 2011

OK... so I've decided to finally have a go at this 365 Photo's thing, if nothing but to get me using the darn camera more often!  They are going to be random pics, just things that have happened to me or my family each day, will be a good thing - a simple way of recording the everyday!

Here's the start:

The brushes are by Ali Edwards {and the Postmark one by Kate Pertiet}, these ones were designed by Ali for this purpose, and she has made them SO easy.  If you want them, or similar I downloaded mine from DesignerDigitals, there are soooooo many overlays to choose from!

So wish me luck... the job has been made easy for me, so hopefully that helps!

Take care of you.


  1. I'm impressed!!! This is a great project Mistra and you've off to a flying start. Good on you. Keep it going cos wont it be awesome to look back on in just 12 months time.

  2. I agree It will be an awesome of luck!

  3. wow what a impressive blog you have created, quite obviously you have great computer skills ( not like me) I just muddle through ??? a great read Mistra (love your name xo ) and good luck with the pics, so far they are fabulous and i love the extra touches you have added.
    love the pages a couple of posts ago too, superb artwork >>>> hugs xo

  4. Hey Mistra, belated Happy New Year wishes to you and D and K xx

    Loving your new blog look - very spesh!! Good luck with the photo challenge.