Saturday, 1 January 2011

[i love your] Laugh

I love these pics of Kel... posing for me in his new hat, mainly I just love that's he's happy to muck around in front of the camera for me.  So I have heaps of these printed, with different preset filters, and some plain ones... they'll keep me in boy pics for a while! 

Kel turned 14 yesterday... how on earth did that happen, that I have a 14yo in the house, scary times ahead as we wait for the inevitable puberty to kick in, but we might have another year of peace yet!

Scrapping teen boys I find so much harder than girls... feminine LO's are easy: flowers, bling, lace, pretties - heaps of things to fill and decorate and play with.  But boys, there's just not much out there - well TEEN boy stuff that is.  This kid would never pose for me again if I stuck a dinosaur chippy or something on there and heaven forbid I use a flower!  Cogs are 'allowed' as are the Tribal Swirls... stars I can get away with, but I struggle with finding other things.  Thank goodness for Dusty Attic though - all sorts of Cogs, Tribal Swirls {my teen boy godsend}, barb wire, chicken wire, fences, fleur de lis, chains, skulls... Jen has sure made scrapping my finicky teen so much easier!

Happy New Year by the way... 2011 here we are, hope your year is filled with happiness and love.

Take care of you.


  1. the cogs looks absolutely fantastic mistra, i love those photos of kel too, what a character!! xox

  2. I'm soooo hearing you about scrapping teenage boys!!! I've been avoiding it like the plague, but will have to bit the bullet and realise he's growing up soon LOL I LOVE what you've done with this page!!!