Sunday, 12 June 2011

So... about me...

All these layouts... and nothing about me and what I'm up to.  That's actually a good indication of about where I am at right now, I can create, I can chill with my boys... I can do the things I have to with work and my creative commitments, but that's about all I have in me right now.   I signed up for Christy Tomlinson's She Art & 3 Hearts Art Journal Workshops... and for Sharon Manning's Get your Camera Off Auto Workshops, and that's about as far as I have got with all of them {although Sharon, I HAVE printed out the PDF's, that's something right?}... don't even have time {energy} to do them right now, and these were things I REALLY wanted to learn!!

Some have asked if perhaps I have taken on too much with my creative commitments, with DT & Teaching at Tomorrow's Memories, creating for Dusty Attic {and I am now also the DT Co-Ordinator for Dusty Attic}, creating for Red Earth... but no, it's fun, it feeds and motivates me... I love it all and my 'bosses' are understanding and don't push - I'm allowed to say 'no'!  Yes, it does take up more of my time... but not as much as you'd think.  I'd be creating all weekend anyway, whether on a DT or not, and I only have a few classes each schedule, so that's not the reason I'm time poor.  I think it's just that I am enjoying true down time now.  I don't feel like I have to be doing something somewhere all the time anymore, plus I've stopped inviting myself places... might be something in that as well LOL!!

But at the same time, I am content and for now I am happy with content... I love my creating, it's always going to be a part of my life whether it's public or private, it's my 'thang', I enjoy it so much... just the whole process, it's so relaxing and I can live in the moment of the memories I'm scrapping for a few hours and forget any other dramas!  I love hanging with my boys... I love sitting on the couch with Coco on my lap {she thinks she's a cat}, watching movies with the boys and just 'being'.  Maybe it's me who has changed... likely is.  

 Isn't she gorgeous... love our girl!!

We plan to start repainting the house... don't think it's been done since Kel was a bub!  Although we have been 'planning' for weeks now and haven't started, but Darren has been working Saturdays and we've been sick, gone through the gastro, to throat infections, sinus things and now head colds... we're blaming it on the crazy weather!   I plan to move the scrap room - yes again LOL!  I need to downsize, I have this massive area and only use a portion of it.  If anyone comes to play, which isn't as often as it used to be, then we can use the dining room like we all did back in the old days.  And I will have my glass table again which can fit 2 of us easily if I just have 1 friend over.  We're going for light colours... painting the whole house in an off white colour, with just 2 walls as a feature {yet to be decided on the colours there}.  And my scrap room will be all off white and I'll have walls to put my shadow boxes etc up on... very much looking forward to it!   So big time clear out of scrap goodies will be happening again soon, as well as mismatched furniture we have collected over the last 16 years... yep, time for a new fresh look!

Ummmm what else, not much... I have a boring life!!  I did buy myself a fixed 50mm lens for the camera.  My usual lens that came with my camera hasn't been quite the same since I fell over with it in my hands {funny that}, it's ok on macro but everything else wouldn't focus well and it's been getting worse and worse.  But this little beauty... perfect, so so happy!   Now I just need us all to get a life so I can capture it on camera!!

So.. that's a 'me' update, nothing exciting happening, sorry LOL!! 

Take care of you.


  1. I'm hearing you chick! I was lamenting that my 365Project just proved how "day in day out lack lustre and predictable" my life really was... but I guess that's the point... relish in the everyday... sometimes I confuse content with boring... but I suppose it is all relative! ;)

  2. LOL... I don't think I can keep up with 'exciting' anymore! My idea of a good night out is scrapping on a Friday night LOL, used to be partying until 5 in the morning, now I'm in bed as early as I can get in there!!

  3. I hear ya! Feeling entirely the same here :o)