Monday, 12 September 2011

I love my weekends...

I really do... 2 whole days to do whatever I want {most times}! This weekend was a stunner... beautiful warm days with bright blue skies, nice and snuggly chilly at night... perfect!

Friday night {because that's when my weekend starts, 5pm Friday} I worked the Moonlight Crop at Tomorrow's Memories.  It's always such a lovely night, the people who attend are lovely women, and we all know I love the staff... just a night of giggles, it's hardly working!  Mel was there scrapping away and Tina even popped in... was a happy start to the weekend!

Saturday I had the whole day to myself!  I went up the shop to get Kel some cereal for treat day, had a little wander around in the bush chasing butterflies, darn things wouldn't stop for me though so I had to settle taking photos of bees and flowers, big brave me getting close to bees!!   Then my nephew Talis wanted to come stay overnight... so the quiet weekend was gone, but it's nice to have him stay, revs Kel up LOL!  We went up to Midland Gate for a little shopping, grabbed a late lunch then just relaxed at home watching movies, baking sausage rolls "mum why did you have to make so many" says Kel - darn teens are never happy!

Sunday I went to mum's to give her and her friends a little 'class', it was so cute!  I keep passing mum all this chipboard and mediums etc, but she wasn't sure what to do with them, so I showed her some of my techniques and she was off and running!

I am thankful I had such a lovely weekend... I've had a rough couple of weeks on the emotional side, well months actually but I have never felt so flat in my life as I did this last week especially {missed some medication and whooeeee it stuffed me around, I've made mistakes at work and even forgot Fathers Day... I don't do that so I was really not with it}, but I am feeling so much better now and am thankful I have a dad who forgives me anything {poor guy doesn't expect much from me and I forget to call him for Fathers Day, I still feel so so bad}, am thankful I have an understanding workplace and am thankful I have a few great girlfriends I can be open with and tell them when I'm having a really crap day!   Not such a bad world after all is it when you have that much understanding and support around you.

So today I have levelled out and was able to get out of bed... get to work without feeling dread... get through my day so far without stress... it's a good day!!  Now to introduce slowly all the other things I've neglected for a while, just a bit at a time... baby steps and all!!


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  1. You did have a busy weekend! Great to hear that you are feeling better again...hope you have a good week this week. Take care...Vicki xx