Saturday, 16 February 2013

My Life - Art Tags... One Word

Hi guys... Natasha and I decided we'd do some wordy arty taggy things, but we couldn't find anything online that was quite 'us' as we really wanted these tags to be about us, and our life as it is today.  And so... we made up our own, originally titled "My Life" Art Tags, clever huh!?!

We randomly spurted out a pile of word prompts {and some of them may be a bit 'different'}... and then put them all in a jar and we'll choose one each fortnight or so {or later, or sooner if we got bored}.  Then we play and make pretties about the word, and journal on the back... tell our story!

The plan is to post a new word on the 1st and 15th of each month {ok so I'm late on the first post... but it's still the 15th in the US!}, so if you want to play along too, just check back to either mine or Natasha's blog!  We'll add a list to the side bar so it's easy to see where we're up to... because, we're a bit random, that's just how we roll!

So here's our first word, although this one wasn't random, we thought we'd go with our "word" for the year, a good place to start as any.

Here's my tag...

and a random pic of a sunflower because it's pretty!

Thanks for visiting... we hope you'll feel inspired to play along with us!!

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