Sunday, 1 January 2006

Happy New Year

How was that for an original title!?!! LOL! Hope everyone had a wonderful NYE.
<- How's that for a really bad pic!! I really must learn more about shutter speeds and aperture settings! I worked out how to get the shutter open longer anyway, now I need to actually USE my tripod and get subjects that don't move!! But this was fun... and this is the kids with the glow sticks from last night 'standing still' for the camera! Kids are so funny!!
This thing is Kellan's 'ShellShocker' that he has wanted for months. It's like a remote control car - but it's some weird alien beast instead. It's pretty cool... but wow, does it has some speed in it! Even though we have a decent sized backyard it's not quite big enough to let it really get going. I think we'll go up to the footy oval today and really give it a spin!!

Kel had the best birthday - I'm so pleased he had a great day. He and his cousin spent the whole day together - 12 hours and not one argument, they play so well together!! King Kong was awesome... really quite scary, but the kids loved it - Kel enjoyed being able to whisper with Jess about it - must bring the two together more often at movies! Thanks Julie for the heads up about warning Kel about the ending... it paid off! Although the kids are sure there are other islands with more Kong's on them so he wasn't the last one... kids these days - always waiting for 'number 2' to come out!!

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