Sunday, 12 March 2006

Missy's been boring...

OK... time for a blog session! Sorry I have been soooo boring of late! But honestly it's been quite a quiet life in a sense. Darren is still home from work... we are still waiting on Workers Comp decision... we still have only one wage... but hey, life could be worse and we have each other. So long as we always have one another we can deal with what life throws at us.

I have however had the BEST scrapping weekend I have had in ages. I put the next Angel Medley together with Lynn on Saturday, went and bought some yummy fabrics, cut, folded and packaged them... and then got all inspired and scrapped like a mad thing all weekend. I LOVE putting these packs together... the research, the fabric shopping, the photography, - even the cutting and folding - I really get a kick out of it! So go buy them... then I can keep making them!! They are in the shop @ LC's!!

Anyway I worked on my DT committment this weekend and have produced {in my opinion} some of the BEST layouts I have ever done!! I have this amazing feeling of acheivement, real satisfaction at what I have done. I can't show yet so you'll have to keep tuned at
LC's at the beginning of the month!! I am still LOVING working for Lynn... and Kerry, Vicki and Lee are wonderful to work alongside - so many different and new inspirational ideas to be gleaned from each of them. I think we make a great team, and Lynn certainly makes us feel very appreciated!

Kellan did his first scrapping today... he's very proud of his work and I hope to encourage him to keep doing it!! Here's a pic of what he has created:

Pretty cool hey for a 9yo - well balanced anyway!! The photo was a dud, the Kodak printer had a big time fit and printed this way... Kel found it in my scrap pile and couldn't believe I was going to throw it away... so he punched some flowers and decorated it!!

So anyway... a full week of work ahead of me, wish me luck that I survive it! At least I get paid this week... pay a few bills and hopefully have a little bit left over for me. Oh bugger, committee meeting tomorrow - groan - well at least all the minutes are done, agenda set - and I know I will enjoy seeing everyone again - we have a lovely committee and the staff at SOSC are the best.

Oh I know I have been rabbling and rabbling about LC's... but... I bought these printed alphabet booklets, have been looking at them for a while, but kept thinking nahhh. Well... I am so pleasantly surprised that I'm ordering another set in a different style. The are Heartwarming Vintage Booklets of Altered Alphabets. You cut them out and get 9 of each letter in different sizes and patterns. I have mounted mine onto chipboard and distressed them even more, inked them and then put Dimensional Magic over them and they are FAB!! I feel like I found a little goldmine because I haven't seen these used elsewhere, but they are really versatile and really ME!! For about $15 you effectively get 234 letters - I think that's pretty good value!! Scrappi Dais girls - I'll bring them over when we meet up so you can have a see IRL!!

OK... that's about it! Lisa - hope that was enough to keep you entertained for at least 2 minutes!! {Love ya chickadee!} Until next time - happy blogging!!


  1. oh yippee she blogged..

    love to see Kellans scrapping.. way to go dude... it looks great.

    Sory to hear about no news on Darren not fair...

    Oh and these layouts you talking about.. tell everyone the truth mistra.. you stole them from me and changed the photo didnt you.. yeap you tell em now.. (oh I wish someone would belive that)

    Looking forward to seeing the letters and how many I can pinch..lmfao...

    Take care and chat to you later.

  2. Hi Mistra,

    I have been trying to find your blog, for some reason your name would not pick up your blog, and then I realised you were on Kylie Blog, so Hi and love all your layouts.

    I hope it is alright for me to link your blog to mine.

  3. Hey Mistra,
    I LOVED your last Angel Medley, can't wait to see the next one!

    Way to Go Kellen!! unreal layout!

  4. Glad to hear that you are holding up well Mistra, sorry to hear that the saga re WC continues. Must check out these 'meledy's'
    chat soon

  5. That picture is lovely, well done Kellan.

    Your DT LOs arelookin great Mistra. Well done.


  6. oh I love the angel melody Mistra! very nice choices there and I agree with you about those alphabets, they are great!