Monday, 27 March 2006

Ummmm... what to say!!

The ever darling Lisa is hounding me for an update... so what to say!!

OK... this weekend just gone was the 2nd LC's Cyber Crop I hosted and was another rip-rouring success I'm proud to say! The crops go from Friday night right through to Sunday night... so as you can imagine it's a hard slog for me... but the most fun hard slog I can imagine! I really love doing it!! I set 3 challenges for the weekend. First was to use a song title or song lyrics as the title for a LO and include a handmade embellishment. This is what I created:
I have since had this song going through my head all day!!

Second was a colour challenge. The colours this time were Blue, Orange and Green in a 60:30:10 colour combination, inspired by the new Queen & Co Fab Flowers and Sassy Sequins in the Cloud 9 colours I just bought from Lynn {they are yumola!!}:

Third was an inspiration challenge. I found an ad with good design elements and a variety of images and challenged everyone to draw inspiration from it. Everyone did a great job and Lee's inspiration is featured on LC's front page! Mine honestly isn't crash hot... I rushed this and vow never to rush one again... until next time!!!

I also had another fab Scrappi Dai to go to!! Lisa set me up with her lap-top so I could host the Cyber Crop and still be with the girls... don't ever want to miss a Scrappi Dais day!! I only did 2 halves of layouts... finished one yesterday {will be unveiled in the Angels gallery soon} and still have the other to finish... we were too busy gas-bagging as usual! Lisa surprised us with a project she'd been working on... our very own Scrappi Dais Blog! It's really cool! Thanks hun...

What else... shall I share the doldrums, well only a bit. I prefer to live in happy world, fleeting as it is!! Oh actually the doldrums really aren't that bad now when I think of it... Darren is FINALLY starting back at work this week... starting 2 x 4 hour days. Slowly slowly wins the race... It's been really hard on us all with him stuck in his depression rut... I know I know... it's not a fun place for him to be either, and I know it's different for us all, but I am so over it! BUT... there is light at the end of the tunnel, he'll be getting back into work and he is relieved also to be starting back, a little apprehesive, but that's par for the course. AND compensation is running it's course and 'hopefully' we will see something soon! So... I am feeling much happier about our predicament! We have had Darren's mum helping us out financially and I am really thankful to have her as a MIL... well was before, but even more now - you all know what I mean!

Have booked Kellan into Vac Care, even though Darren will still be home - Kel will go stir crazy sitting at home with him for 2 weeks and I'd rather scratch out the money for it than make Kellan sit at home bored to tears! He's really excited... this kid lives to play! Wonder if he'll go into child entertainment when he grows up... one of his fave movies is Big... you know the one with Tom Hanks...?

I did some great LO's for LC's Feature Product... and yes, I AM blowing my own horn! I think these are some of the BEST ones I have ever done! But of course, that's my opinion... and although others might not like them {they're pretty busy} I love them... and that's why I scrap! But they are good... keep an eye on the site, they'll be there soon!

My scrap style is changing everytime I scrap... I think it's because I have finally ventured past the Basic Grey into other worlds, as well as getting my hands on lots of funky product! But I'm enjoying the changes in me... my Sunshine one is my favourite at the moment! Using Rusty Pickle Papers from LC's, some Carol-Lea's Paper & SEI letters from Tarisota and Kraft {my first Kraft moment - Nic & Erica would be proud} from Chelle's new store Scrap'n'Crazy... and some bwootiful hand sewing {thread thanks to a RAK from Kerry}. I used Heidi Swapp paints... hmmm not too fussed with these. The colour... yep the colours are to die for, but it has no body and I needed 3 coats to cover the chipboard letters... I much prefer my Making Memories ones. However one thing in Heidi Swapp defense... they have the best glossy finish!

What else... oh I spent about 2 hours sorting all my chipboard letters yesterday. Got sick of riffling through them only to find I'm missing an 'S'. So I split them all up... positive and negatives are separate. Have kept 2 of each outsides. Don't have a cow everyone... I rarely if ever use them.. so have kept 2 so I have one to use and one as a template! The rest are all together in bags alphabetically on a big ring. I can flick through and pull out what I need nice and quickly... it will also help me overcome the mixed font phobia I have... as you can see by the 2 LO's above it's working a treat!! The outsides I had spare are going to be RAK'd to the ladies who nearly died that I was going to ditch them!! Most of the Rebekka Erickson ones were kept however... they are the perfect size for me!

I finally found a great use for all my old Creative Stickers... expensive as they were... Kellan is now making the best sticker collages out of them! Has kept him occupied for quite a few hours!!

OK... see... nothing to say, boring as all heck and if you have made it this far... big kiss!! Go check out the Scrappi Dais Blog... it's cool!!


  1. Nice update Mistra - must get onto mine!!!
    glad that home is working out at the moment and that things are cruising back to normal.

  2. oh Mistra you are a bloody champ.. you did it and what a long entry.. see you had alot to say.. I knew you did..

    thanks darl. This was my first stop this morning to see if you took me up on my challenge.

    I am glad D is going back to work and Kellan is going to vac care, givehim some fun on holidays.

    Glad you had fun with the LC's crop and we was happy to have you still here on the weekend. Even if it did mean head in laptop.. you was here.

    Thanks for mentioning the blog. cool of you.

    Ok me is of...

    love ya babe...

  3. i so missed out on the LC's crop... Our puter had a big hissy fit we're now waiitng on dics from HP. In the meantime ian blew up his mums as well...
    So thats why i wasn't there and haven't done any of the challenges ...Good to hear you all had a blast will catch up soon