Thursday, 1 June 2006

Hmmm... what to say...

ok... as punishment for being a dickhead {don't ask, just rest assured that I'm a total doofus} I have to update my blog! So now my punishment is your punishment!! Hehehe!!
Sooo... what to say!! What was on the list... one more day of work and I'm on holidays, I didn't get my nails done yesterday, I'm gonna catch up with Lisa next week so she can smack me, hopefully I'll get to catch up with Flee as well, my mojo has walked out the door after Chelle's challenge, Darren's payout isn't in yet... but it's coming, tomorrow is jeans day at work, tomorrow is also free lunch day at work, SC picked up one of my layouts... oh and it's winter!!
How's that for a sentence - out of breath?
I desperately need this holiday... my brain is very frazzled and worn out, which has become very obvious to some!! Pity it takes me a while to work it out. I was trying to hang until the school holidays but really didn't think I could make it this time! So I have 4 days {Monday is a Public Holiday in WA} all for myself... no Darren, no Kellan... just me and the bed!! I think Tuesday I might sleep all day and then fit in some socialising for the rest of the week!! I'm also going to get my nails done next week as well as my eyebrows {it's not a monobrow Lisa} waxed and have a massage... should be noice!!
Ummmm... and I just lost my train of thought. See - I'm braindead!
I will update again later... when I get a clue! I tried to put a pic in but blogger is being stupid... it's ok, wasn't terribly exciting!!


  1. haha.. punishment is sweet.. although the pic is missing... was it the nails?

  2. Nope... was a dorky one of Kel and I!!