Monday, 17 March 2008

Retreat Pics

Here's some pics for you all to giggle at, they're out of order... but I'm sure you'll cope with that. Still too tired to tell all, other than I had an enormously great time and can't wait for next year!! And besides... pictures tell a 1000 words!

Me & KarenM

Lisa & Karen


Karen, Gail. Lisa, Me, KarenM, Gail, Chelle... and Mel Nunn ...LOL!!

Pink Night Dinner



Sadie... ooops Gail.

Cath, Me & KarenM

All of us again...

The Emergency Packs

Maria opening an emergency pack...

Maria with her emergency pack 'fillets'!!

Lisa... am I really going to shave my head...

The Shave

Leanne doing the deed...

Karen & Lisa

The view...


  1. awesome pics there mistra.. I so have to get copies of them all.

    glad you had a nice day yesterday catching up with everyone.

  2. Wicked pics Mistra!! I sooo need copies of them too please.

  3. So love these pics - the 'blackmail' possibilities tops the list haha but NAH - so glad you all had the bestest time and Karen and Gail did too

  4. Looks like you had a fab time Mistra, very pink lol!