Monday, 17 March 2008

SW Meet-Up

Witches in the house! Here's myself, Jules, KarenM, Peta and Nes meeting up for a chin-wag. Was a lovely morning/afternoon... nice and relaxing before Karen flew home {sigh}... Jules honey, hope you got home without any 'interesting' diversions!!

I'm so not ready for work tomorrow, but will be back in the swing when I get in tomorrow I'm sure. Only 3 days and then I can have 4 days off for Easter... phew!!

Just over 2 months now until I fly to Brissy... that's the next 'big' thing of things this year!! Said it was going to be a good one!!


  1. Oh Wow - being able to all catch up again is fantastic - **waving madly** Hi guys - I am so not happy I missed seeing you all.

  2. Hi guys
    So glad you all enjoyed catching up, like Jac I am too not happy I missed seeing you all.

  3. LOL. Witches in the house, but we left our brooms at home ;) Pity you weren't there as well Jac. Would love to meet you IRL

    Was a great day as always. Thanks for organising it all Missy.

    See ya soon