Sunday, 9 March 2008

No LO's to Share!!

Nope... nada... none!

Am saving my creative energy {or what there is of it} for the Boxx Retreat next weekend! Am mega excited as KarenM is coming with me, and now Lisa and Karen are coming as well!! GailW is coming over from TSV so I get to meet her IRL as well... is going to be one wonderful weekend!! So there will be me, Chelle, Cath, KarenM, Karen, Lisa & Gail all spending a very fun weekend together! And we know Toni lots better now thru SnC so will be great to see her again as well... I'm so looking forward to it all!

We've all been rabbling at SnC over the Pink theme night, is going to be so fun. I've unearthed a pink fairy tutu my mum made me for a Be 3 dress up party... and I have a pink wig, and one on order if it gets here on time, and pink clogs and a pink boa... hehehe... OMG I sooooo can't wait to see 50 or so women all dressed in pink... I think Augusta is going to be afraid... very afraid!!

Oh and all this helped me decide what I NEED to have for my 40th next year... Karaoke Limo for us girls with a Fuschia and Feathers theme, because I soooo love pink and dress ups and girly girl stuff! And the Karaoke Limo's are the BEST fun!!! So that's why I have a wig on order as well... be better quality and will last for the party next year!!

So KarenM arrives here Wednesday morning... sooo can't wait to see her again! We plan to visit a few wineries on Wednesday and maybe have a leisurely lunch at Jane Brook... Thursday we'll spend getting ready for the retreat. Then on the Monday, Peta, Nes and Jules are coming over to catch up... and for Jules to meet the WA girls from SW... will be such fun! So I think poor Karen is going to get home exhausted!!

Sooooo going to be busy the next couple of days. Haven't done much this weekend as getting the house clean before Karen gets here, have had Kahli over since Thursday while her mum gets a very needed holiday... so I've not had a lot of time to clean up because I've been running around after 2 kids. Yeah... I know... MOST of you have worse to deal with, but I've only had the one kid for 11 years, 2 is a shock and she's not mine... so the mean mummy voice doesn't work as effectively on her as it does on Kel as she knows there's no repercussions!!

They're fine really... but sometimes they act just like siblings and nag nag nag and bitch and moan... rofl!! Well most of you know the scenario!! That's quite new to me as well because there was 7 years between me and my sister... BIG learning curves happening in this house!

Soooo anyway... she goes home tomorrow night... so that leaves Tuesday night free for me to spotlessise the whole house... who needs sleep anyway!! And I do work far better under the pressure of a deadline. Dags will help while I'm at work if I ask nice... he's a good boy.

Dags has been home for a few days... there was an intruder at work and he assaulted Darren, guy broke in looking for a fight it seems. So decides to pick on the "red headed skinny poofter with freckles" {in the assailants words}... such a man picking on someone half his size. Luckily Dags has learnt self defence and was able to overcome the guy until the police got there and all is fine now. Well not sure how well the other guy is feeling, but really... that's his problem, well no, we do hope he's ok... but hope he's learnt or is learning his lesson! So Dags was off work as he took a mighty punch to the jaw and has done some kind of damage to his left shoulder, elbow and wrist. The doc thinks he's not broken anything, but they're keeping an eye on it all for a few days. The shift manager phoned him to check and then the owner phoned... Darren was so touched by that. He's really loving working there... and the care the owners and bosses show there for the staff makes all the difference.

Soooo... that's been my weekend!! How's yours been?


  1. I hope Darren is ok, what an awful thing...just as well he knows how to defend himself or it could have been alot worse!
    It sounds like the Boxx retreat is going to be awesome and please please get some photos to share on you in that pink tutu!
    Take care driving down and back and can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Sorry to hear that about Darren. Hope all is well with him. Take Care


  3. You are soooo funny Mistra!!! - You started your post with scrapping then kids THEN oh yeah and my hubby was assaulted (we all have the same priotitizing ha ha ha)

    Have a fun weekend away - dont let Cath lead you astray toooo much.

  4. Have fun at the retreat Mistra, poor Darren!

  5. HI Mistra,

    Must be something about you guys that attracts burglars and such. Sounds like lots happening as usual. Hoping Darren's injuries aren't too bad in the long run.

    Take care