Friday, 7 November 2008

I scrapped... again! Woohoo...

It's silly hey, that I get so excited when I scrap a page these days! It's because it's been so hard even getting the motivation let alone getting a page to look half decent without spending hours sitting here that when I do get it all happening at once I'm rapt!

Tonight... 1.5 hours {and most of that spent chattering to Lisa and Vicki hehehe}... done! Thanks to one of Jill's Challenge Sketches over at ScrapWitch. I'm really relying on sketches atm, but so what... no scrap rules that say I can't use sketches when once I created my own. It's about the enjoyment, and I really enjoyed doing this one!

So here's Shadow, the only boy in the house {well aside from Tiger} that I can use flowers and bling on {and MAN is was good to get that fix in!!

Oh speaking of 'fix', my arms look like I've been doing god only knows what, it took 3 goes to find a vein the other day and I wasn't happy {needle phobia and all}. And the holes, how bloody big the needles were I have no idea {as I wasn't looking nope no way, although... really they didn't hurt, I'm just a wuss and the guy was trying to be very gentle!!} The bruises are just starting to fade now from Wednesday morning. CT Scan itself was fine I gues.... waiting to hear from someone, although my doc is now on holidays. Either way, I have an appointment when he gets back in 2 weeks to find out what is going on and what our next avenue will be. Until then... dizzy town for me as the drugs I had were starting to make my face go numb so I'm only using them as a last resort. Tonight though I'm having a good night, hence I've been scrapping and chatting and have been online, last night was a write-off and I was on the couch until bedtime... stupid head. But hey, there are worse things and I'm grateful I'm just dizzy atm instead of one of the worse things.

My lovely Taysha {my mini me at work} has next week off, going to miss her bright personality as well as her help, she's been a godsend, she's doing so well... proud of her I am, she just takes that bit of workload off me now and it makes such a difference!

So ups and downs {oooh literally as well with the roller coaster in my head - LOL} but more ups and happiness this week, lots of support, lots of love... lots of cuddles from my son and lots of care and support from my hubby... so even with the sucky bits... lots to be grateful for!!

I'm CC'ing tomorrow at SW, although Kel wants to go to Gosnells Markets sometime as well... will be fun... hopefully I'll have some more LO's to share by the end of the weekend!!

Until then... take care of you!!

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