Sunday, 9 November 2008

More creativity!

Well the mojo went walk about... rofl as it does! So went to the markets with Kel yesterday, had lunch there then came home and did one of Jill's challenges... had a really good day with the dizzies being very minimal. So was able to chatter away online, get some shop stuff done, do a layout... was a good day/evening!!

This is the LO for Jill's challenge... a bit 'flat' but I had fun with it!

And this today was for a challenge I have set at a new Facebook group called Searching for Mojo? Lisa's brainstorm and she asked if I wanted to play too... yeah of course, what fun!! It's going to have challenges set by myself and Lisa, as well as it's members... in the hope of inspiring one another and FINDING that mojo we all keep searching for! It worked so far... Lisa finally scrapped after a month of none and I was revved enough to make our 'logo' and get this challenge happening!

Today was a day of laydown and rest, get up and scrap, laydown, get up and do the dishes... as great as yesterday was, today has been a shocker. But that's ok... I'm still so rapt yesterday was so great! Poor Kel though today was so bored as Dags worked overtime today and I wasn't going out and about with the dizzies so bad. But he's got his dad now, so they're chattering away about what... Jelly Cups atm... rofl, the important issues in life!!

So, I'm getting off of here... got to get a few orders ready to post tomorrow and while they are packed I've not yet done the paperwork for them... so couch here I come to subside the dizzies then I'll come sort all that out!

New week here I come... hanging for next weekend already!!


  1. your on a roll!
    Please give back my mojo now!!!lol

  2. Love the idea of the group Mistra and have joined myself xxx

    What a great lakeside layout - your photos are great as well xxx

    Jealous - you bet I am

    Luv J