Saturday, 22 November 2008

More down...

Hi! LOL...

Okelies... mojo is not happening really, so I've borrowed some from Jill over at The ScrapWitch. She runs some Step by Step Layout classes and basically tells you what to do... my kind of scrapping at the moment!

So these are the latest. This first one is so wrong though, I totally read it all wrong {stupid brain, the strips are meant to be the other way}... but I like it, even if it is a bit busy!! And I can always say it's supposed to represent the balancing bit... see I can talk the talk, but I'd be fibbing... it was a stuff up!

LOVE this one... I saw the LO's that Heather and Bri did and they were so cool... so that's the one that got me going on the SBS's {and I got to use my flourishes and flowers and bling and pink... sooo excitement!!}

OK... that's it, I'm a boring sod hey! But everything is same old same old... working, dizzy {see Doc again on Monday, oh I got my scans... there's a brain there after all, no results yet though so it might not be working hehehe}, working, sleeping, struggling to keep the house clean while working and dizzy, Dags working, Kel @ school... I am SO looking forward to the holidays for a change in routine!! But I'm happy enough... just need more of that TIME thing, but don't we all!!

Take care of you!!

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  1. hey my friend been thinking of you heaps sending you heaps of good luck for Monday and everything will be all clear.

    I know it's awful not knowing what is wrong with one self

    Tassie Karen