Thursday, 1 January 2009

Welcome to 2009

Happy New Year!! I hope 2009 holds much joy for us all... 2008 certainly held a few rollercoaster rides for many people I know, myself included. But we survive and move on... and here we are with a fresh new year ahead of us... full of hope and promise, life {most times} is what we make of it... so hang onto that hope and promise!!

This year I am focussing on keeping my stress levels to a minimum, might mean sticking my head in the sand on a few occassions... or fighting for what I want on other occassions... but I have to do it for my health. No NY Resolutions though... I never keep them anyway!!

2008 certainly taught me a few life lessons... some of them hard ones {most lessons are aren't they}. But I'm glad I can look back and learn from them and grow. Trust became quite a big issue for me in the last half of the year... I'm still trying to let go there... but it will happen. What will be, will be... I have learned that not all friends have to be my best buddies, and it's ok to have all levels of friendships... so long as there is give and take in all of them then we shouldn't need to look further into them and enjoy them for what they are... so I am! Strange lesson to have learnt at my age... one would think I'd have figured that one out ages ago... LOL!!

The last day of 2008 was pretty full on for us... we'd planned a nice easy day, it was Kel's B'day so it's all about him. He's 12 now... time has certainly flown by!

However... early afternoon I get a call from my sister, her car has died 5 minutes out from Sawyers Valley, which luckily is only 20 minutes or so from me... but country enough to be annoying for her! 40 degree heat... no shade... no RAC... so I get her joined so the tow truck can get the car, then I go and collect her and the kidlets while poor Arthur waits for the tow truck to get there... and whalla, full house for the night {they live in Northam... too far to go home on NYE}. But it was great... the kids are getting much better behaviour wise and we all had a good night!

Had to drop Arthur at the airport at 5:00 this morning as he works on the mines... so that was a shocker after staying up until 2am... but I did get a sort of sunrise pic!!

So today I drop Nev and the kids home... and came home and crashed well and truely! But was all worth it...

Back to work next week... am finally over the boredom of being at home now though, so am not ready to go back. But there's a few more days to enjoy the freedom... and I'll be happy to see everyone at work again, payday will be good as well LOL!!

SD gals are coming over on Sunday... am really looking forward to that as I missed the December one as I was over East, will be a good day!!

So now the sun has set on my first day of 2009... wonder what tomorrow brings!!


  1. Happy New Year Mistra - May 2009 bring you much joy and happiness.
    Sharon xoxoxo

  2. Happy New Year Mistra. Wishing you a wonderful, successful and happiness in 2009. Remain positive and focussed and all good things will come to you. All the best Michelle H.