Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Photo Tag 2

I was Photo Tagged again, this time by Donna... which is actually fine and dandy because I have my old PC again now! This time I've grabbed my 2008 Album and this is the 6th yadda yadda you all know the drill by now!

This is my most wonderful Jules {aka Popcorn or the Dizz, she is so going to slap me when she see's this I know it} at Chrissie's house, 14th June 08. I was invited over to learn the dark side... LOL, as in mixed media techniques. We had all sorts of fun with alcohol inks, paints, embossing powders, fusible webbing... I have learnt so much from these 2 wonderful ladies, who are always open to help a learner spread her wings, always up for a giggle and fabulous supportive friends!

This was the weekend after I got back from staying with Vicki in Brissy and meeting Donna & KarenB as well as Penny, Joy & Mary from SW... an amazing weekend. Looking back ,I think June last year was a pretty great month for me; bridges were well and truly mended, friendships reinforced, new things learnt, cyber friends meeting... so full of hope and promise!!

Until next time, take care of you.

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