Thursday, 12 March 2009


I did get some yummies in the post... I got this little kit from QTea, now is that cute or cute!!

"Q Tea kits are monthly, embellishment oriented scrapbooking kits with a difference - the majority of the contents are NOT commercial scrapbooking products. What you will get is a fun, creative selection of unique accessories, vintage finds, handmade items and funky fabrics. Love the quirky, arty side of scrapbooking?"

Cool hey... can't wait to get playing with these, I just love iddy bits and pieces that aren't the norm atm, I think these will keep my imagination flowing!!

And then I did get this {the hairpiece, not the girl}...

and this is me with it on because I simply can't help myself {not that you can really see it, but imagine okies}...

And yes... I do realise I'm a lost cause!

Until next time, take care of you.


  1. I can't decide whether you look like a Candy Striper selling Popcorn at the Baseball, or a Dancehall Madam!!!! Seriously you look gorgeous, but it evokes a theatrical look!!!
    I like that Qtea stuff, off to check it out xo

  2. ROFL... now there's extremes!!! Thanks for the giggle Donna... LOL!!

  3. Thats such a nice photo of you Mistra. Off to chet out that kit looks yummy!

  4. Here's an outfit to go with the hair, you Goddess!!!
    See the Dirndl vest!!!
    Really, it's gorgeous, I am just teasing!!!

  5. ROFL... you're a cheeky bugger... now if I can just get back on the chair from falling off it laughing we'll be right...