Monday, 2 March 2009

Weekend Scrapping...

Have had a mini scrapathon this weekend! Loving how it's all just happening nice and easy atm as well, must be all the mojo dust I have about the place!!

Walk This Way

The label on this one was from one of Kel's school shirts, kept them all because I love them!! Love my new Buzz'n'Bloom Alphas as well... these ones are called "Urban", perfect for Kel at this age!

My Favourite

A title for this one avoided me, then I decided it didn't need one... used a little tag with My Favourite on it instead. And she is, my fave neice... love her to bits, she's an adorable brat who loves to talk and loves cuddles when her brothers aren't running around!


All That I Am...

Me and mum, I love this pic... so does mum, she says we're starting to look alike and poor me... but to me that's such a compliment. I think once I drop all this weight I'll look much more like her... at least for once my sister can't keep telling me I'm adopted! Big thanks to Heather for the Chipboard Butterflies and Swirls, love it so much and am so glad I was able to use it for a special LO!! The scanner doesn't do this justice... it's full of shimmer and shine and is one of my fave's LO's atm!!


Penny set a sketch challenge @ SW and I got it done by the skin of my teeth, and with a lot of artistic licence as I do! So pleased at how it turned out... and I even won a prize for it, so excited as I've not been in the 'prize winning' world for a while!!

So I'm still scrapping away... well playing at scrapping, I had some mess to clean up first and have then been chatting and doing nothing much useful! Loving long weekends!!


  1. Love this LO!!! Love the strong colours & the flower clusters at each corner, but I love the photos the most!!! Had no idea you even had a sister!! Love Kel in the background too, precious. xo

  2. LOL... yeah, just the one sister, Jenevra {aka Nev}, she's a nutter. Kel, he's a trickster... didn't even realise he'd popped in there until I'd uploaded the photos!!

    We had a ball doing these... think mum nearly wet herself laughing over all the stuff ups, we had about 10!!

  3. Mistra you were a true powerhouse on Sunday pumping out those LO's! They are all gorgeous.

    Love the tag Idea... I have actually kept some from Bailey's clothes years ago and never used them. Might just have to try it... and yes, I still have the tags!!

  4. Loving all of these Mistra, especially "All that I am" - so precious.